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  1. yes of coures you will get rich once u understand the business well. I think he sells them and get hunders of pounds out of this bsinesss. even we have the same back home forigners are working in this business just taking things form the rubbish. all the best for him just keep watching him and once u noticed some changes in his finacial stuts go immidiatlly for this business or join him . all the best
  2. Zegma Resturant in London Road really they serve a very delicious food BQ. it is a turkish Res but it is one of the best i have ever had. i might come to sheffield this weekend to have my liunch there. Tel No 01142582223. resnable price for two abt 25 pound
  3. i'm going to take the test theory next week, there is a CD which will give u an introduction about the test. i was told it is really helpful, am going to buy it tom.
  4. thnx very much it really looks boring, changed my mind am going to stick to the sheffield forum
  5. i have moved to newcastle recently and i m trying to find the newcastle frum, plz any one could help me. thnx
  6. Dear I have been to Cairo more than three times I really like it. These are website I hople it would help to find out about Cairo. - Khanelkhalili in the centre of Cairo where you can visit the old coffee there. http://www.khanelkhalili.com.eg/ Some pictures taken in Cairo http://www.ehabweb.net/cairo.html http://hawawi88.jeeran.com/images/nile%20trip9.jpg http://rivaldo.jeeran.com/qal3ah27.jpg http://hawawi88.jeeran.com/images/nile%20trip11.jpg http://www.guc.edu.eg/location/cairo.htm http://www.wordtravels.com/Cities/Egypt/Cairo/Attractions do not forget it is very cheap
  7. For more than two weeks there has been a huge discussion about what the Denmark newspaper released about Prophet Mohamed. This makes Muslim community angry and start boycott of all Denmark products. The question is to what extent the freedom should be restricted? So we should respect others believe.
  8. Hi there it is really nice place I recommend to visit at weekend. the exhibition of Islamic Treasures of the Middle East is situated in Millennium Galleries in the city center. it gaves you an idea about the history of another culture.
  9. hi there i have been in sheffield since Sep 2004. i can say that it is a nice city for student. you may notice that when you arrive at sheffield, there are a mixed communites living there. it is considered the theird safest city in Britain. No much entertainment there. i hope its help
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