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  1. hey there! what makes you say this? after having spent the last few weeks considering many of the areas mentioned above, there's actually plenty of flats / apartments well within budget, even in dore and totley, although they come up less frequently.
  2. yes, walkley is on the list, looks fine to me! noted, thank you! yes, looks like a fantastic area. and there's an m&s food hall nearby. lovely!
  3. hey, interesting suggestion! hadn't really heard of this area before now, did a bit of reading about it, seems like a lovely and desirable area! sadly there's little there in the way of rental property (in my price range) and when there is it seems to go within days. being 140 miles away i'm at a disadvantage when it comes to viewings! also, even though it's just a ten minute train journey to sheffield, it just feels a little far out for me what with having no car, etc. hmm, i won't completely rule it out though, thanks
  4. hello! i'm looking to relocate from bristol to sheffield within the next month; a friend from leeds recommended sheffield for a number of reasons, mainly the cost of living vs bristol.. it seems i could afford my own place for the same kind of cost as sharing down here, which is the main motivation for the move. i'll be renting, fairly low budget of around £500, not interested in schools / family stuff. it's just me, single 41 year old male. don't know a single person up there so it feels a bit daunting i'll be working from home, and don't drive, i tend to cycle everywhere (hills are not a problem). bit outdoorsy in nature and would like to take advantage of the peak district as much as possible for camping and mountain biking i was looking at central areas like kelham island, seems to be quite trendy, not too fussed about that. don't want to be surrounded by students if i can possibly help it, though i don't mind a mixture the main things for me are finding somewhere that is quiet, safe, low crime/burglaries, and ideally convenient to access station / supermarkets etc i'd really appreciate any guidance from those that know sheffield well thanks mike
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