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  1. Past few weeks I have been feeling short of breath and tight chest, do you think it could be hayfever? seems to have been worse since its rained. Any ideas? thanks
  2. i love daytime drinking!! but only from midday sort of time!! get the girls round on a sunny day- lay in the garden with the tunes on having a laugh and goss, wander to the pub as evening draws in, get back (a little drunk) and cook something tasty for tea so the hangover aint as bad!!!
  3. how come I missed this alarm goes off at 6.45am or woken up by the dawn chorus of birds up stannington stagger downstairs in me snuggly pink dressing gown, get some breakfast (usually fruit or toast) and a cupper sit eating breakfast watching Place In the Sun to make me feel a bit summery do my dry body brushing- get in shower, do hair, makeup and get dressed then sort out the washing/ tidy house out the door!!
  4. maybe because she knows every trick in the book in the bedroom- these footballers must have exceptionally high sex drives to be churning out kids and knocking off every *bleep* that comes along!!
  5. i very much disagree that she is naive or stupid... she has been with countless footballers, only to sell her story on them a few months after the relationship has ended. I think these super injunctions could actually create a whole new breed of even viler Wayne Rooney types who think they can now get away with it- cos lets face it, 50grand is bugger all to them!
  6. just been reading the article about Imogen Thomas from Big Brother who is the girl named in the injunction case involving a 'family man premiership player' (widely reported to be <removed, do not replace> by the way) She was banging on about how her life has been ruined etc and how its not fair that his identity is being protected while she has been ''thrown to the lions'' Obviously the stupid girl is deluded (she must have been to go on big brother in the first place) , for thinking that this 'man' was ever going to come clean about their relationship and leave his wife for her etc. I wonder if the identity of this player will ever come out and if his wife knows what he has been upto??
  7. true enough! I suppose you could say I was being evasive- I do sometimes look at women who have numerous kids and never work and think ''hmmm that must be an easy life'' but the media tends to focus on the worst cases of this and we dont get to see the majority who do a good job of it.
  8. maybe im a bit bothered about it but i never claimed not to be- I was just starting a topic that I though would be interesting. Why are you so bothered about me being bothered lol
  9. absolutely true. Bringing children into the world is one of the most important jobs a woman can do but the 'jeremy kyle rabble' think its en excuse to never work a day in their lives. strange how they have so much time to raise their kids but still tend to be s**t parents.......
  10. definately! only just read the rest of the replies. I personally think the idea of the splitting the mat leave between mother and father is a good one. Both parents should benefit from the time off to bond with the child. Obviously I agree that maternity leave is for the benefit of the baby- it is also a very long time to have off and I know of quite a few women who dont have kids (i work in a large office) who feel quite offended when other women seem to work for a year, have a baby, have a year off and then repeat the cycle over again. Where as one of my colleagues who doesnt have children- applied for an unpaid career break of a year and was declined it.
  11. woooah didnt realise this would cause offence it was just a hypothetical question that I though would get some interesting responses- some of ya need to chill out!!!
  12. hahahahahahahaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa:hihi: THIS HAS MADE ME PMSLLLLLL!!!
  13. Just been discussing this at work- it seems unfair on those who would like to have kids but cant, or people who choose not to have kids- that they do not get the 9 months off work and still have a job to return too. Maybe they have other interests outside of work that they would like to pursue but cant because they have to be in work or loose their job? what are your views?
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