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  1. My dad, Syd Beddus, was based at Eldon House and went to Otley several times. I recall he was a Post Office Training Officer at one time. It would have been 1970's + / -. Anyone remember him?
  2. High Storrs boys house shirts in the early 1960's Fresh input confirmed from a couple of private messages: Picts were white / purple quarters. Anyone remember the colours for Saxons, Jutes, Franks and Spartans? BTW, Goths wore red shirts before black became fashionable. We're talking about the early 1960's.
  3. Anyone remember the home-made post box in the Western Road Juniors hall for posting Christmas cards to friends, during the run-up to Christmas? Anyone remember the red Morris Mini car in the driveway, opposite the Mona Ave juniors entrance? It must have been one of the first minis in Sheffield as they only came out in August 1959 and I left in July 1960. It looked amazing. Anyone remember the green Morris Minor Traveller that parked opposite the Mona Ave entrance selling bread out of the back? The miniature Hovis loaves were just the thing to keep you going until you reached home. Anyone remember the steel containers of school dinners, brought in from the kitchen on Northfield Ave in a gray van? Always smelled of cabbage. I recall a large 6 or 8 burner gas cooker to the left inside the junior school entrance for warming up the lunches. Mrs Brownbridge and Mrs Seedhouse rings a bell. Where did we eat lunch? In the classrooms? All of the above in the 1956 - 1960 period.
  4. I'm new here myself, just read through the last 22 pages. I went to Western Road Infants and Juniors, 1954 to 1960. I remember all of the teachers and pupils mentioned earlier, in my time at Western Road. In the juniors, JIB with Miss Hunter, J IIB with Mr Barritt, most of the time at the Congs Annex, JIIIA with Mrs Hobson, JIVA with Mrs Exley. In JIIIA and JIVA, I was in the same class as Geoff Worth (geoffusa) and the others mentioned earlier by Geoff. Looking at my class photos for 57 to 60, I see a couple not mentioned: Jennifer Runyard and Ian Green in IIIA and IVA and I think I see Paul Simpson. Paul lived next to Clifford Alsop on Western Rd and I figure he must be a younger brother of Alf Simpson (jagmechanic) on posting #198? My older sister Liz (Elizabeth) went to Western Road two years before me, also with Hobson and Exley. We both went on to High Storrs. My brother Jon (Jonathon) also went to Western Road starting in 1958. My youngest brother Simon, started at Western Road, then probably called Westways, in 1970. Fond memories and happy times, David Beddus
  5. Elmambo and hillsbro, thanks for the info on Mrs. Basketter and her shop at 31 Duncan Road. I never knew the shop though my mum mentioned it. We moved into 27 Duncan Road in 1951, I was only 2, but later I recall a large box of light bulbs stored upstairs in her house, that fits. She became our adopted Granny Basketter as we finished up with 4 kids at 27 Duncan Road. Many adventures in her 2 sheds in her back yard that were stuffed with treasures. Fond memories.
  6. High Storrs grammar for boys, 1960 -1966, in the final years of headmaster George Mack. 8 houses if I remember correctly: Normans, maroon shirt with yellow collar and cuffs Goths, red shirt Picts, yellow and maroon quarters shirt?? Trojans, yellow and black quarters shirts Saxons Jutes Franks Spartans Come on, fill in the missing shirt colours and correct any errors. It should be easy, only 55 years ago!
  7. Where was it? What did she sell? When was it in business?
  8. Rodger, see my posting on the following page. David Beddus
  9. Hello Rodger Baxby. I remember you at Bone Cravens. I joined them in 1966, Cravens {machines) Ltd., then the brackets came off to become Cravens Machines Ltd., then Bone Cravens, then moved to Stroud in 1979 with Bone Cravens Daniels Ltd. I retired in 2019 after 54 years in the same industry, with various employers. The 20 years with BCD was the best experience ever. Great people at Darnall and the best tutors. Did your dad work at Bone Cravens? I have a Bone Cravens "time capsule" at home ... a toilet seat signed by 43 BC folk and presented to me at the Cat's Cradle, Retford on my stag night, Thursday 30 November 1978. I can probably remember another 50 names. Fond memories.
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