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  1. Hi, Doe's anyone remember Robert Webster, from Heavygate road? we were big school friends in the mid 70's before i joined the services in 78, and lost touch. Would love to find him, he knocked about with Terry Boyles, and we went to st john fisher in woodhouse. His dad used to take us fishing all over the place, lol. Think his sister was susan or Barbara, thanks in advance.
  2. Hi, my sister Tina, myself and older brother Alex were in home 1, under mary philips from 65 to 73. Other kids there were sally ann, stephen Lee's, paul Mc Clusky, Tony Saviski and his sister, Sheila sharrock, Yvonne her sister and younger brother Norman. We left when my father remarried. Moved to Brackley st, in Burngreave, before it was all pulled down and folk moved to the new houses in Ellesmere rd or Shirecliffe.
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