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  1. Same everywhere. I don't bother with email because it takes 6 months to reply. Just open and paper.
  2. You select add to basket and it takes you to payments. I don't need to use trains any more because I lost my job thanks to whoever's in charge of timetables and services, apparently they are short staffed and tourists are more important than people trying to get to and from work so my lines last service is at 8.40pm from Dreadohall instead of 10.40 but I was supposed to finish at 10pm , my ex employer is not sympathetic or flexible so I was sacked.i doubt the new timetable is going to be a full one even though they have put the old services in as back on. I can't get a job where I live, nothing but non existent jobs advertised by agencies and brick walls so I face losing my home too.
  3. You mean before instant gravy because Bisto was around as a make from scratch at same time as burdalls. My mother used both and said she used both in wartime as leg colour. Its not been long since they stopped making it. I used to use it when my kids were little in early 2000s.
  4. This tenant has breached the tenancy agreement because the landlord has legal right to have a copy of the keys. The landlord only has to give 48 hours notice to enter the property for maintenance or checks. Why has the previous owner not given the keys to the tenant? He needs to contact the council as they have a department who can help. If he can prove the tenant is being obstructive ( texts, emails, letters - email best) he can get him out without the epc etc or if he really wants to make him suffer announce he plans to live in it himself.
  5. Not true. The council has a department for that. They ask the landlord several times to put it right then after about a year they can fix it and bill them. And if its council owned the building department is responsible.
  6. I remember meeting the woman who was found with Yorkshire Ripper, she was a relative of my friend and she absolutely refused to ever discuss the story. She said she wanted to let it lie and forget it because she was the lucky one.
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