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  1. Be reight, only Liverpool, Man City and Chelsea up next. I can honestly see utd taking 9 points from these 3 games, they're there for the taking.
  2. Massive point at home against fellow relegation contenders, this point could prove decisive come the end of the season.
  3. Must win game for united against Fulham on Sunday and to be fair they should beat them but you never know. I expect berge to do his usual trotting about for 90 mins and produce nothing.
  4. Just needs pairing. https://helpforum.sky.com/t5/Did-you-know/How-to-pair-your-Sky-viewing-card/ba-p/2876284
  5. And put their viewing card in the box of course, not sure about the router mind.
  6. Doubt that's on the cards at all mate to be honest, I can't really see the land fetching much at all, it isn't that long since it was badly flooded. The building of a new stadium isn't on the agenda at all I'd suggest. People do tend to spout all sorts of rubbish, I did see some sort of plan near the M1 with a football ground installed around Meadowhall but it was something someone had just knocked up and I reckon that's where the bloke on the radio got it from. Certainly not the club. He may be a multi millionaire on paper but laying his hands on hard cash isn't usually easy. For instance, if my house is worth £2 million you could consider me to be a millionaire but I don't have the money in the bank. If I need cash I can borrow it and use my house as surety which will get me some cash in to play with, especially with interest rates being so low at the moment. The problem comes of course if I didn't keep up with the loan repayments.
  7. Not on your part mate, that was my point. What about the people who drop the litter? If we all worked for the collective, there wouldn't be any litter. The idle drop it knowing someone else will deal with it.
  8. Has to be on the individual to look after himself, his family and then of course to be charitable to people who are struggling. Collectivism just breeds idleness. It's human nature whereas some will stand back and let others take the burden, it's more than evident today. Way too many willing to take what's on offer and think they're entitled to it without the slightest willingness to contribute.
  9. Liverpools had United's pants down here haven't they. If he's no good you get to keep him but we'll have him back if we want. That's not good is it. I think the lad will struggle as well, we'll see.
  10. There is, I went via Broadband Choices and clicked on VM deals, selected a deal, put my details in and it offers you install dates/times prior to you putting any bank details in. I did notice that the Broadband choices deals were better than Uswitch deals .
  11. Signing Sturridge would be akin to the signing of Ravel Morrison to me, smacks of desperation. I could be wrong but I think Brewster just might be too much money for United, I get the impression they're getting a bit twitchy now, and rightly so, I would be as well. How to transition from workhorses to thorough breds eh. Big season for united this is, they had the honeymoon season last season, if they were to get relegated they'll have a big anchor round their necks. Of course there's always the parachute payments, which will be a godsend but you just don't know who else is taking a cut and how big the cut actually is.
  12. I can't remember that one but the Maharaja was definitely there. It was the first Indian i'd ever been in. My mates were old hands and I was a bit dubious to be honest but the chicken soup was delicious. I told me mam the next day and she said it would be out of a packet. She bought some powdered soup and gave it me and it was the same stuff, LOL, can't beat your old mam can you.
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