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  1. Que? Please forgive me but I don't understand.
  2. https://news.sky.com/story/european-super-league-plans-ex-man-utd-star-gary-neville-calls-for-points-deduction-for-big-six-12279693 Gary Neville sums it up impeccably for me.
  3. Yep, that ended well didn't it. Relegated now. Wilders took off with a cool circa £5m in his pocket. He'll be on the phone to Colin sharing stories and laughing and joking.
  4. They're down now, just lost to a very poor Wolves side.
  5. Not sure whether this is the right thread or not but I think United are about to be relegated. They put up a fight and Wolves were pretty poor to be honest. That second kit of Uniteds really suits them though. I hope they keep it.
  6. I fully expect one of the Bin Ladens to be installed.
  7. The jury's out on the new Derby owner, way too early to tell where they are headed. As for us, where exactly are we headed after relegation. Is the owner willing or able to finance this situation? It'll be interesting to see who we have left for next season. Will Bannan stay? I've a feeling he will leave, i'd love a read of his contract. I think the owner accepted relegation when he appointed DM, question is what he'll have to work with. This could be disastrous if they're not careful, going to be interesting though.
  8. Get it done mate. I know a few people who've had it done and all have been a success. Good luck.
  9. Jimmy was a hod carrier Jim and he'd be older than 72 now I'd think.
  10. I'd contact your home insurance company, see what they advise. You may be covered for legal costs in your home insurance.
  11. Graham Slinn and Jimmy Shepherd ring any bells Cuttsie?
  12. Not to mention that offside goal of Watfords today.
  13. You'll get one right eventually although it could take around 20,000 years. Keep the faith.
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