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  1. I think it might help if you gave your head a good wobble. Go on, give it a try and let us know how you get on.
  2. And there we have it folks. Entrenchment without dialogue. I mean, really guys, get a grip. The answer lies somewhere in between your polar opposite positions. a) The figures I reckon are misleading as when someone dies of something and they are tested positive for Covid it is counted as a Covid death, which it probably isn't. b) Covid is a serious disease which will probably keep mutating and keep our scientists busy and us indoors for some years to come. Now let's bin our preconceptions and discuss what is actually best for our communities, cos I haven't a clue.
  3. I haven't a clue. How do we determine when we're being lied to. I've given up trying or caring to be honest. Hindsights usually a good thing when thinking about these things. We can always ask the captain 6 months later, he'll tell us, he usually does. I agree, some people just see traps everywhere, great to listen to them though isn't it? Some of them are hilarious. I mean, did you hear about the bloke, nay, i'd better not.
  4. Not all conspiracy theories are wrong, some do actually come true. I must admit to not doing any research around this drug in particular or Covid in general. I'm just being led by the nose. I don't tend to choose sides though as I invariably pick the wrong horse, like I did with Blair and Saddams WMD. But there's something mentally healthy in taking whatever any government says with at least a modicum of scepticism. Nothing wrong with doing your own research and making your own mind up.
  5. I know you seek relevancy, but believe me when I say this, your efforts are wasted on me.
  6. I know, its terrible isn't it. I don't know why he just didn't borrow something from the Bank of Bin Laden. I think there's people in the city with contacts there.
  7. Did you get validated mate? I'm waiting now.
  8. Well it finished 3-1 to Celtic. I watched the game. They played 3 X 30mins. Shaw played, Wednesday played pretty good considering. Celtic got the third just about on full time with the Owls coming close a couple of times to making it 2-2. Good workout for both teams though.
  9. I doubt you are in trouble. Tot up your earnings for each tax year and ring an accountant for a bit of free advice. I wouldn't be contacting HMRC until you've spoken with an accountant.
  10. I liked the big fella and didn't want him to leave. Not sure it would work out, him coming back I mean. Maybe a replacement for Windass.
  11. I hope we can expect a plaque down at t'lane commemorating this achievement, that's what usually happens isn't it? Maybe a special place in the Jessica Ennis stand, or did she withdraw her consent for that for some reason or other.
  12. Lets be right, the amount of practice Ramsdale gets he should be making the team, not just the squad. Practice makes perfect so they say, and he's had plenty of it.
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