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  1. That's the second game in 4 days we should have won. I hope and think Moore can turn this round so we're winning games like this, as we should be.
  2. Lessons learned for this one, fully expect 0-4 win for the Owls.
  3. Two points dropped that today without a doubt, really let them off the hook. Lack of concentration, must do better. Onto the next game now.
  4. They're very special people aren't they? We're very lucky to have them.
  5. Have they been dumped out? That's a shame.
  6. I'll have a look for him, thanks.
  7. I'm starting to have my doubts about DM although I really wanted it to work for both parties. Much rather go back in time to one of our better managers nd coax him out of retirement, OK, I know he's passed it but the late great Jimmy Greaves knew a thing or two didn't he? Jimmy knew.
  8. RIP Jimmy, and thanks for this, you knew didn't you.
  9. He never said that Cuttsie did he? I'd have thought buying that lot would have been a better qualification anyway.
  10. It does sound expensive but I expect these are the premium seats above the away fans with as much bottled urine supplied as you'd be expected to pour onto the poor unsuspecting away fans below you. I'd expect these seats would be cheaper if you brought your own.
  11. Those loan rates at Macquarie bank are substantial, I can see deep pockets running for the sand dunes afore too long.
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