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  1. My pleasure, it's all interesting stuff.
  2. I'm pleased you edited that post Anna and took out the personal attack on the poster although that would have been classic postmodernism, in actual fact saying there's really only my view that's acceptable, all others are wrong and the person who says anything opposite to my view will be attacked and/ or ridiculed.
  3. Try googling this, The unholy alliance of neoliberalism and postmodernism Hans van Zon It worked for me, it's the top answer.
  4. OK mate, it is very informative and sets it out in a way I can understand it, although vaguely, I'll try something else.
  5. Neoliberalism and postmodernism, an unholy alliance, great read this.
  6. Well, that went south pretty quick. Morinho's tactical genius was to tell his players to go out and get 2 in front, and if they score we need to get another, and it was that easy for them. That's half the season gone now, 30 points minimum from the remaining games I reckon they need. 5 points from 19 =0.26 a game. Needs to change to 1.58 points per game, and pretty quickly.
  7. Well, unites won 2 on the trot now and I can see them easily beating spurs, i'll go 3-1. What you all think?
  8. They will have to show the form of a top six team in the second half of the season to scrape home, it isn't going to happen.
  9. They don't have any chance of staying up, they are doomed and the Owls will be as well if they don't look lively and get a new manager and some new players in.
  10. Well done Barnie for standing up for free speech. Both clubs and supporters would rather not wash their dirty linen in public but this is exactly what should be done.
  11. I expected a tougher test from Exeter to be honest, they were very poor and just weren't up for it.
  12. I'd be glad to see the players get it, one of the only things keeping me sane. God knows what we'd have been like if football hadn't made a comeback. Yes, absolutely, if we're confined to barracks they need to keep us entertained.
  13. Bournemouth had Uniteds pants down there, same with the Ramsdale sale. Driving around in Lambos? What wrong with these people. Would that be around £28m Bournemouths had out of United? Did Moussett and Wilder actually have a big fall out or was he injured?
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