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  1. I never thought of the 13 storeys at the top of Becket Road as an eyesore. It was great to see it when you were travelling home, although as a kid you did think that if it fell down it would topple like a tree. In the 60’s it snowed in winter and Becket Road was great to sledge down, from top to bottom (if you were lucky). If you wanted to skate on ice then there was a great run down the path on Becket Crescent. We built a 6 ft tall (probably only 4 ft , if that!) snowman in the middle of the road on Atlantic Drive. It was still there after the rest of the snow had melted. No one complained. In summer we made do with a roller skate and a Beano annual (before skateboards were heard of) to bomb down the road. At 7.30 every evening Mr Whippy would stop outside the Smiths. He didn’t have a chime, he just blew his horn. I’d have an oyster shell. On Sundays the pop man would stop outside our house in his lorry selling tizer and dandelion and burppop. Not many people had cars. Gilbert next door had a series of bubble cars. Later I found out that they were made by BMW (how posh). My dad had clapped out wrecks. One of them was (we thought) parked outside, until someone said that it had rolled down the road, across people’s front gardens and was stopped by the steps on the flats at the bottom. Another day, it could have ended up in Lisa Balls front room. No one complained.
  2. Hi. Grew up on Becket Road in the 60’s and 70’s. Lived opposite Becket Walk and down the road from the Swinburns, Gibbons, Smiths, Mills and Seniors and opposite from Chris, Amanda Bullen, Derek Spooner, Tina, Mandy and Paul Sellers. Played either in the top square or the triangle with what seemed like dozens of kids. Went to Bradway County and Jordanthorpe Schools. Didn’t realise it at the time, but turns out that I wouldn’t have swapped it for the world.
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