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  1. Valley road Born in front bedroom of flat 3. Left when I married in 73
  2. Went to welding class with a fitter fro there think was the old Izal factory then. Can’t remember names but Lou or someone Morris rings a bell
  3. Sad and sorry to hear Steven passed some years ago I didn't know. Steven was a couple of years younger than me but we played together quite a bit in the sixties. I'm from bottom of Valley Rd and did my apprenticeship at Tyzacks . We once made a banmarie for a chap called Garbutt who was a charge hand in another department as he diD pie and peas etc in a local working men's club. But I don't know if he was Stevens dad or uncle.
  4. Forty eight years ago today Mrs Rose at the Park Hotel Hillsborough gave my wife and I a wedding reception buffet fit for a King. Is the hotel still open and is Mrs Rose still around. We live between Leicester and Coventry now so don't get up much.
  5. Didn't realise the tech is now gone. I did weld and fab there for about 8 years after relocatIng from Newall road and pond street work shops Lecturers include Alan Flint ,Keith Jackson and Mick . More names could follow when I get my brain in gear. Talking about 68 to about 75.
  6. Is Loxley college the same as Stannington college next to Myres grove school ?
  7. Used to play the wife of Bobby Box in The Big Deal.
  8. Help looking for a couple of long lost cousens think Carol and Margaret late of Stead Rd Abbydale. Last seen mid Sixties. Would like to just catch up 👋
  9. Mr Kyme who took over from Mr Hawley (who left after a bout of illness) used to take us rambling. Only in later life did I find out he was a published author with a book on rambling. ((Look it up on google)
  10. Was there from 63 to 68. Best memory's the trolley race each year fave lessons metalwork wIth mr Brian Hurst and science with mr Philips throbber thrives was head and chinney Wilson dept head.
  11. Help! Wife and I are the only people to tend our family grave in Abby Lane. Although both born and raised in Sheffield we now live in Hinckley and only get to tend it five or six times a year. However we got up on Sunday the first I'd December with flowers etc. To find a bunch of red roses there which only looked about a week old. The grave holds my grandma Betsy Ann Died 1935 my grandad Joseph died about 1962 and my uncle Douglas killed in about 1940 a war casualty. They were Whitham Sandersons. Also my parents ashes Jack and Elsie Downing can anbody please throw light on where the flowers came from. I think I am the last of this line so would appreciate any info on this one 🙏
  12. The woman who ran the place (not the owner) was known by all as "auntie" think A Connie Evans also worked there but can't remember the two Mentioned.
  13. Pashleys on Chesterfield Rd. With a bit of crackle on run by Jessie Pashley.
  14. Brooks paper shop at the bottom of Well Rd. 1 shilling a round and 1/6 for the green uns. Up well to Sturge and Boynton to St Andrews church and back a different way.
  15. I was informed that they were taken out of service because the law at the time said that passengers were not allowed to travel in an articulated vehicle.
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