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  1. Anybody know if i can get hold of pictures of school football team in the above years ? My dad played for school team he wore blue & white kit? He lived on the Common Ecclesfield the football team would have a party & my grandma would always make a football cake for the team. My Dad was called Ronnie Orr my Grandma was called Margaret Marsden
  2. Yes it must be my dad worked their from 51 to 57 his manager / sup was called colin hobson. The picture on my account is of my dad at a skating ring in sheffield with his friends. Dont know which skating ring?
  3. Anybody worked at Green Foundry Ecclesfield 1950s? Did anybody work with Ronnie Orr & David Marsden both worked at this foundry. Ronnie also played semi professional football lived at the Common Ecclesfield. Any info would be great appreciated
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