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  1. Hi, So I recently placed an offer on a two bedroom flat in Meersbrook - it is a house that's been split in two basically. I was all prepared to buy but the survey came back saying it will probably need re roofing and areas of open jointed masonry. The price is £105,000 so I feel that is pretty good for that area - it isn't huge but I'm only young and it wouldn't be forever, my idea would be to do it up a lot and then sell on for a bit more/rent out. On the survey it estimates costs of around 15k which I do not have. Just curious as to what people here think I should do? None of my family know Sheffield and I only moved here for Uni so only really know the city centre. I could wait and keep looking for a house maybe in a different area, my deposit at the moment is 15k but I'm in a position where I can put at least a grand/ a little more away a month depending on overtime. Thanks for the replies in advance
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