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  1. Greetings. I'm in Upperthorpe and many nights I've been hearing a distant, repeating bang carrying across the city, I think coming from east of here. It's often really late, past midnight (that may just be because other city noises are quieter then). Others have heard the same thing - this page describes it and has a link to a recording. There's speculation there that it might be a forge drop hammer or similar. That would make sense. It's not all the time - it's actually been a while since I've heard it. I also heard it during the day recently as I was walking down Upperthorpe, it was definitely east-ish. But someone nearer to it must know. I'm really hoping to actually track down exactly where it's coming from and what's making the sound. Has anyone got an ideas / leads / knows what it is? (I'm presuming it must be much louder for someone closer to it!) Maybe it's not as far as I think, could be in Neepsend, not further out...? Cheers all.
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