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  1. I have been going to Morrisons the Hillsborough store for over 24 years and only complaint once, regarding staff.Most of the staff and some have been there since I did my first shop, are very friendly and most helpful. I emailed the company and within 3 hours had a phone call from them. If you encounter a problem ask for the manager or email/phone/write a letter to the company first! I can't understand why some go online etc and complain, do something about it, you will get more help in the end, if you don't then out them on social media etc. I also think it is nice to compliment staff on good service, I do many times
  2. No I did not know I could have done this. ---------- Post added 17-09-2015 at 10:20 ---------- Sorry Raveena no more info, I could not see much has it was dark and had a tail gater sitting on boot of my car.I could just see it laying in the road and saw it was a ginger cat. Got a friend to drive past the next day and the cat was not there. I do hope the cat is ok, it could have run off as they do that sometimes.
  3. I have just drove down Herries Road just passed Barrie Crescent. A ginger cat has been knocked down not by me may I add, I wanted to stop but had a tag gater behind me and was alone in the car. This has really upset me but need to make anyone aware near the area or if anybody near this point could take a look at the cat please.
  4. Craig at Hillsborough is great. http://www.hillsboroughexchange.co.uk/Stores/impulse.html I quit smoking 9 months ago and these people are so helpful and know everything there is to know about the e-cigs, so friendly and can't do enough for you. I have been a moderate smoker for about 35 years. Never looked back going onto the e-cig, my asthma has improved so much my Doctor is weaning me off it, my sense of smell has returned etc. I have tried 3 times before to quit, the patches, gum and just will power but always failed. You still need will power with e-cigs it is not an instance cure and it took me over 6 months to wean myself onto them but I am so glad I did.Also the most important stage of quitting is YOU, you need to want it more than anything, do it for yourself and nobody else. For me it was not about the saving of money it was my health, coughing like an old woman in the mornings, short of breath and loss of sleep due to coughing through the night. Good luck to anyone who is thinking of quitting
  5. Hi I am asking for a friend, is there a child minder in the Firth Park or Firvale area please. Not too sure what days but believe she is wanting 3 days per week for 4 hours. If you could contact me via pm with a telephone number then I can pass on your number to her. Thank you
  6. Agree with you, spent 3hrs yesterday clearing our car, if anyone parks in it they won't be happy when they return back to it.This is a very selfish planet and it will always be like that, no respect or consideration for anyone but themselves.
  7. We have taken odd item to this place and found them very good, friendly and will try to help you best they can.
  8. Yes you are correct, we went last Thurs, guy will be running Bodicar from his home, not sure when but he is open at moment, i do have his mobile number if it's needed pm me otherwise ring the shop for now.
  9. Can you upload a photo and i will post on my FB wall too, i will keep my eye out when im over that way, hope your cat comes back X
  10. The vets are carrying out enquiries to trace the owner via the electronic chip.I have not heard anything more but will try my best to find out if an owner is found.
  11. Thanks Moonbird. Another update i also posted on Facebook on the Sheffield online and someone said on there, he has been returned to his owner, not sure if this is true so im awaiting response from the PC, will of course let you all know, fingers crossed its true
  12. Hope you find her, its a real worry when they go missing.
  13. Not seen it up here in Wharncliffe side but will share it on my FB wall, hope you find him/her.
  14. Hi thank you for the comments, all that can be done to find the dogs owner is being done and the dog pound has been contacted etc, the chip is being dealt with, i will update as and when any news comes back to me. PC Turner is a friend and was on duty at the time he found the dog, so he is doing all he can and i am sure all the relevant paper work etc has been dealt with. ---------- Post added 24-11-2013 at 12:57 ---------- Just to add i have been in touch with the PC and this is what he has told me. It's gone through all the correct channels.It's temporarily rehomed until an owner comes forward or the chip is identified.
  15. Update on the dog, the PC who found him says he is re-homed with a lady at moment and if no owner found she will be keeping him. Regarding the chip, i was thinking the same once you have your pet chipped your details are sent off, not sure to be honest but that's what i have been told via the PC who found the dog. Keep sharing and hope the owner is found if not then the dog will have a home, thanks so much to Ladystiletto whom i have tried in vain to contact via message but its saying your not accepting messages now? what a star you are x
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