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  1. Did any one ever find the real Ernest Mills or his relation Kieth Taylor .
  2. Yes maybe Barnsley and London but this is Sheffield we are discussing .
  3. Before the Owls were a football club they were a cricket team who played football on a Wednesday at Bramall Lane , hence the name The Wednesday .
  4. One or two of those religious nutters have nuclear weapons , others are keen to obtain them , they will destroy humanity while proclaiming the name of which ever God they bow down to .
  5. Well he owns 60 million quids worth of a football club so he is not the local butcher , baker or candle stick maker .
  6. Thats a load of codswallop do you mean to say that all these large stores in Town actually make more money from people who cycle or walk into town? .
  7. Amid all the allegations of fiddling books (who doesn't) it appears that Mr Chansari is part of a small no of club owners to make sure all the staff inc cleaners , grounds people, maintenance , laundry and so on receive their full wages in the current crisis , some of the big time Charley's in the Premiership should take note .
  8. In the end some nutter will press the button , Nuclear war is still the worlds biggest looming problem , it will be Global warming in one foul swoop .
  9. All accountants bend the rules , but the company owner has to sign the accounts off .
  10. Was your uncles name Albert Almsley Taylor Zakes if so we are related ,a little distance and a lot of years mind you .
  11. The Don burst its bank , The Don and canal are combined by river locks in sections , I have been a lock keeper on the section at one time . As I said if you open all the gates or sluces then the canal will drain dry and cannot over flow .
  12. A boat yard with boat building and barge carriers would have been even better .
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