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  1. I suffer terrible sleep apnea and was diagnosed four years ago. I use a cpap machine to help me not die in my sleep and be able to function better throughout the day. In December I received a letter from the apnea team stating that the cpap machines were faulty and the noise cancelling form inside the cpap machine is in danger of breaking down and being inhaled. The letter stated that we still should use these and only report these as faulty if you see evidence of this issue happening. Mine started showing evidence of this a month ago (black sticky spots in the BREATHING TUBE) so i returned the faulty machine hoping for a swap but I’m still waiting for a new machine a month later. obviously my sleep is terrible without this and my life is now completely terrible as I’m constantly tired and falling asleep as soon as I sit or take a rest. just had to rant thanks for letting me vent
  2. I was stood on the top of fargate this afternoon and the smell from the generators from the attractions was disgusting. Plus after walking through the fumes my daughter had a asthma attack.
  3. Now my friend can protect his vegetables in his vegetable patch from the dive bombing vulture ferrel pigeons
  4. For the white punto driver I have dash camera footage of the accident. The cement lorry was definitely rubber necking the previous accident. I’ve reported the incident to the police and also to the drivers company. I managed to stop the lorry miles up the road after he failed to stop at the incident. He knew what had happened but tried blaming the punto driver but if he knew what had happened why drive off. The cement lorry driver was 100% at fault. When I called his company he apparently told the lady on the other end that he was unaware that he’d clobbered any car but as previously stated he tried making out to me that it was the other drivers fault... Anyway pm me if you see this message
  5. This was an issue 10 years ago when we lived up Foxhill. We had our car damaged,sprayed on and nearly stolen but I caught them in the act and they legged it.. I knew there names and told the police but because it was my word against theirs the case was dropped.. Glad to see the police are still letting the rats still do what they do bests being total scumbags.
  6. I’m absolutely disgusted by the behaviour of some of the staff at the pharmacy. Tonight I visited the pharmacy and over heard a member of staff laughing at someone’s second name. Then they said why would they call themselves that.. I don’t know if it was racism or them just being childish. I don’t want to say the name as it’s not my place but if you want to know what was said pm me. Not very professional in my eyes.
  7. I’m asking a similar question as the op. Just waiting to hire a mini digger (1.8 ton) for a couple of days.
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