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  1. Well said RollingJ. And like a broken record I hark back again to 1986 when thatcher de regulated the bus industry. It never applied fully in London. They were protected from the annihilation of publicly funded services that the rest of us suffered. So called “private operators” coming in and creaming off the profit from the busy routes left the rest of the country struggling to maintain a full service, while in London they were insulated from this. Hence the situation we are all in now. If a route doesn’t pay its way forget it.
  2. In this area Stagecoach have prominent signage by the driver that states that if payment cannot be make by smart card/contactless then some other form of payment is required. Case closed methinks.
  3. Correct Padders. I wasn’t going to give Voyse to anyone in particular………..
  4. And therein lies the crux of the matter. Don’t know how to highlight part of the above but when management find you guilty until proven innocent it ain’t going to produce a happy workforce. Any of the old sweats on here will remember the “investigations department” based at Arundel Gate. Happy days NOT. Good luck buswinker in your quest to “escape”.
  5. I was once loading at a bus stop and a car reversed out of a driveway into the side of my bus. On the insurance claim the driver blamed me for the “accident” as he said that I was 5 minutes early!!
  6. National Express had a similar system years ago. If a passenger, err I mean customer complained they were sent travel vouchers valid for future travel. The number of complaints rocketed, and National Express “reconsidered” their policy.
  7. Happy days Padders, happy days. Especially on a Sunday at time and 3/4!
  8. Frying pan and fire comes to mind. Or grass is greener. Or fools rush in. Glad I’m out of it.
  9. I got a load of sweets and chocolate in. Then sat in the dark eating them while ignoring the door.
  10. You’re not too far out with your summation there. You have reminded me of the 22:30 pass cut off point back in the day. This was because a lot of services after this time were swamped with people turning out of the pubs and clubs. Some services even had duplicate services in front of them on Friday and Saturday nights to help take the load. Your last line is spot on, especially with the £2 maximum fare limit.
  11. Resident. I’m not sure as to what mean when you say “when they were first introduced” but back in the 70’s on a weekday the OAP pass couldn’t be used before 09:30 or between 15:30 and 18:00.
  12. Yep. Those wellies. A female incarnation of Compo. Perhaps she changed her name to Irene.
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