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  1. I purchased mine from the Sheffield shop a couple of years back. Reasonably priced as they were seconds, but you can’t tell. Has the legend “Made in Sheffield” clearly marked.
  2. Just wimbling through the various topics on this forum to alleviate COVID boredom. I lived at 36 Glover Road from 62 to 66. Went to Lowfield school, well, it was at the bottom of the road. There was a corner shop halfway down at Gifford Road. Seem to recall it was run by Mrs Wareing. Excellent chippy opposite the school. Anyone remember the school dentist? Terrified me. Went to Boys Brigade at Brunswick Trinity Methodist church. Seem to remember a very good bakery, opposite Fine Fare. Travelled for a day trip to Belle Vue from Heeley station. Unfortunately the smoke and soot in the atmosphere didn’t agree with my lungs and suffered with respiratory trouble all the time we lived there. Happy days,
  3. I live in Norfolk. They sell these in my local Lidl. Delicious.
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