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  1. No my Friend, the thing is, before taking any decision its always better to see and judge self, isn't it? I really wanted a clear idea, which I think already got. Yes, I do at least 8-10 long shifts on call per month from 7:30am till 8pm/sometimes more. it will be hectic I guess. Also my theatre starts at sharp 8 in the morning. So really thinking about that too. Another issue is my kid's school. Junior wise its ok, but thinking about the secondary also as I am not the person who likes frequent house move !!! Yes, I also agree with that, sir...
  2. Hi Beaky, Thanks for the details explanation. I am going to visit the place within next few days. Good guide.
  3. Thank you so much for ur guidance... @Michael_N @HeHasRisen
  4. Hello honourable members !!! I need your guidance for buying a house in Waverly, Rotherham. I am looking for a 3/4 bedroom house. How is the Waverly area for living? I have a kid, who is going to start year 4 from September, this year. What about the school? as I am keeping eye on secondary school too. I work in Northern General Hospital. Prime concern is kid's school and then work place. Not driving at this moment. Would be obliged If I get your suggestion. KR Tamjid
  5. Hi All, Need an advice from u. Looking at a new build house in S6 Stanwood road, Stannington. How's this area for living? specially Neighborhood wise? we are 3 members family. Both me and my wife are doctors. I have a kid ,he is 7 years. Need a school advice also. We are new to Sheffield - just 2 months from Southampton. now living in Psalter lane, S11. regards
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