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  1. My long haired ginger and white cat hasn't been home since 6am today. He normally only stays out for about an hour at a time so I'm worried he's got shut in a shed or outhouse. Can anyone around terminus / becket ave / Atlantic road please check their sheds please. If he is shut in he will run straight home when he gets free. Thanks for looking. ---------- Post added 09-08-2016 at 22:09 ---------- He's home now. Thanks to anyone that looked.
  2. I'm looking for a mobile hairdresser that covers S8 to colour my daughter's hair in time for her prom on 1st July.
  3. Yes you're right Jeffrey, I was thinking of a transfer and re-mortgage but they shouldn't need a deed of covenant for a straightforward re-mortgage.
  4. It sounds like your solicitor is not Sheffield based. Sheffield City Council use a standard restriction on all their right-to-buys which then stays on the deeds for all future owners. The restriction says that every new owner has to sign a standard Deed of Covenant and send it off to Sheffield City Council. The standard deed of covenant is available here (scroll down to the bottom of the page and there are some hyperlinks): https://www.sheffield.gov.uk/in-your-area/housing-services/buying-your-council-home/conveyancing.html SCC charge £50 to register the deed of covenant (its basically a promise that you will adhere to any conditions in the original conveyance). Sorry, I've just remembered you are a re-mortgage so the SCC fee is £25. Don't let your solicitor charge you £75 to write to the council because they don't need to.
  5. This has happened to me recently but I thought it was me having a senior moment! I moved house on 21 September and my bill showed that I rang my own mobile on that day for 5seconds (checking the land line had been switched over to new house). The bill also shows on the next day a call to 118118 at 3 seconds costing £5.79. I couldn't understand why I would use that number to check the line nor why I would check it again when i'd checked it the day before but I never thought to query it. Makes me wonder now though
  6. Reason for Rehome / Sale - I work full time and my partner is in poor health so she does not get much walkies. Time Scale – How Urgent? Fairly urgent - we would like to get her settled somewhere else before she becomes too attached to us. Sale Amount - £20 Has the Dog been in Rescue - not as far as we know. Location - Lowedges, S8 Age & Sex - around 8 months old, female Breed/ Mix - small Staffy but probably not pure bred KC Registered - no Approximate size - 18" at shoulder Exercise Needed - yes Neutered & Micro chipped - neither Vaccinated & Wormed - has had jabs but I don't have the details of when Live in / out - lives in Ever lived with other cats/dogs/other animals - has lived with another dog and was fine Any Current or Historical Health or Psychological Issues - no Temperament - excitable but good natured Good or Bad with Children - good but jumps up so maybe not suitable for small children Dislike of Men or Women - neither, she is friendly with everyone OK with Dogs / Cats/other Animals - OK with other dogs but chases cats Travel OK in Car - yes Left happily alone in the House for How Long at a time - Her last owner left her for a couple of hours at a time but we don't leave her except overnight when she sleeps downstairs and she is fine. Destructive Behaviour - chews balls and toys but most Staffys do. Barks - she hasn't really developed a proper bark yet. Pull on the lead - a little but she isn't very strong - a decent harness would probably sort that out. Crate trained - yes Housetrained - yes General Information you can share about the Dog. We took Cindy in when her last owner had a house fire and had to move to temporary accommodation. We were going to take her on as our own dog but unfortunately my husband's health went downhill and he is unable to get out and about with her. She gets the run of the garden but no real walks. She cannot get the run of the house because she chases my cat so she is only allowed in the kitchen. My OH doesn't believe in leaving dogs on their own so he sits in the kitchen all day until bedtime with her and this is making his health worse. We both feel that she would benefit from a home where she can get a couple of decent walks a day - even it meant being alone for a few hours and then getting a good walk. She doesn't mind her cage and sleeps in it very well but we don't think its fair on her to confine her to the house and garden.
  7. For every one of those 'dishonest overpaid parasites' you have allegedly met, I will wager there are several honest, hard working individuals on very average wages. I also speak from personal experience - 20 years worth.
  8. These all sound like queries your friend's buyer's solicitors would have raised. When you are selling, your solicitor doesn't need any information other than the property information form, fixtures and fittings form and any guarantees unless the buyer raises it. Once they raise enquiries your solicitor is obliged to pass the questions on to you for replies. As to why they waited 6 months into the process to ask, this could be for many reasons - maybe they have a slow solicitor, maybe they were waiting for mortgage confirmation before they started to raise enquiries, or maybe they were waiting for their own property to sell. I would have thought your friend's solicitor should have been chasing them to raise enquiries before 6 months had elapsed but I'm not party to what was happening in that 6 months. The "fixed fee" that conveyancing solicitors charge is purely for the legal work. The two costs you have mentioned above are disbursements (third party costs) which haven't been charged by the solicitor but by the third party concerned. For instance the indemnity policy is at the price charged by the insurance company who provides the policy. The solicitor will ask for this cost as it has to be paid to the insurance company. Indemnity policies are a requirement now of lenders if there is a mortgage involved and any information is missing. You can refuse to pay the policy but your buyers may not then be able to get their mortgage and your sale could collapse.
  9. I find it hard to comprehend that its a "heroin" overdose - the initial findings revealed no signs of drug taking, if she had overdosed on heroin there would surely have been either foil or needles in her house. I think it could possibly be a prescribed opiate rather than actual street heroin.
  10. Heron (frozen food shop) sells them in packs of 4 for about £1.
  11. its actually not blurred at all, its already been argued and decided
  12. that's pretty much what the court decided in Bogle v McDonald's restaurants 11 years ago
  13. I slept with them in! On my way home now to take them out and give them a good soak :-)
  14. I read that on the internet but doesnt the salt scratch the lenses? how much salt do you use? yes I've already bought some but I've left it at work in town. No shops for miles around no that sell it and I've no transport and buses are half an hour apart at this time of night
  15. I don't know if this is the correct section and its a total long shot anyway but here goes! Is there anyone in walking distance of Gleadless Valley that would be willing to give me a small capful of all purpose soft contact lens solution? I forgot to buy some yesterday so I had to throw away a perfectly good pair of lenses, I remembered to buy some today but have left it at work! This is my last pair of lenses until next lens mail comes next week so I can't throw another pair away and don't really want to sleep in them! I've no transport but will walk a reasonable distance to borrow a squirt of solution if anyone can help.
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