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  1. While the Government keep saying that the vaccines they are giving out at present are effective against known variations, Matt Hancock said they are going to be be rolling out a new vaccine in the Autumn that protects against these variants. One has already been formulated by one company, and the planned deployment of it is in the autumn. Presumably this is what Matt Hancock was referring to. https://www.euroweeklynews.com/2021/02/03/oxford-will-make-new-covid-variant-jab-by-autumn/ So, after the current 2 doses we are getting, there is a third planned for this year, then (at least) annual ones. going forward if new variants appear. This links in with other comments that link the annual deployment of Flu vaccine to ones for Covid.
  2. Lapdance - NERD featuring Lee Harvey & Vita
  3. Happy and Valued Ongoing Converstaions Chats
  4. I can't make the formation out. Anyway, I've lost track of who has had Covid and recovered, who has it now (if we're told), who has it now. The injury crisis continues, so I've no idea who is playing but not 100% fit and who is fully fit - ditto the bench. I've tried picking a formation before, but I'll now just hope we've enough players for the line-up and the bench. If we're going down, then lets go down fighting!
  5. If you are correct, I wonder why the Government are saying that they expect an annual vaccination for us all to protect us from both flu and Covid, and this will evolve as Covis and the Flu evolve?
  6. Fake vaccination certificates are already circulating in Europe, and expected here as soon as the green light is given for such certificates over here.
  7. It may have started as an O2 number, but as you can take your number with you now when you change provider, it could now be on any network
  8. We don't know whether these figures are right or not, but the Sky TV money has inflated prices, and it's hardly surprising that United have low wages for the PL, nor that the recent acquisitions are the highest paid. If you don't pay the money, you don't get the players.
  9. One Really Desires Evening Refreshment Brews
  10. "With hundreds of thousands expected to attend matches and World Cup activations happening across England....". Are you sure that this is going ahead? We are are only just taking the first tentative steps out of lockdown!!
  11. So Outrageous! Beer Equals Relaxation! Cheer
  12. I know that the title of this thread is "Should Chris Wilder get the sack" but, short of single word answers, people give reasons for their answer. I just wish that people who support sacking Chris would say who they think they could get to replace him, and why the club would be better off with their choice. Many clubs seem to sack a manager, then chew the cud for ages debating what to do next.
  13. As Tears Go By - Marianne Faithfull
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