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  1. "Last Orders please" calls out the lonely barman. His voice echoes around the empty pub and returns home to him. Euro's over, money spent, so no doubt the customers are counting the cost of the competition, and staying in until finances improve. There are others of course who are working many unsocial hours to keep the country afloat, such as communication workers, transportation workers, and the beloved NHS. What a pity the bar cannot have extended hours to help such people. Oh well, 6 minutes to go.......
  2. There certainly is, and its cool, as I turned the fridge to "Extra Cool" before I left last night in anticipation of people like yourself wanting cool drinks! Hope to see you soon if you can make it!
  3. I understand he's back tonight, but if he isn't, I'll open up again.
  4. I'll give it 4 weeks before they put some more restrictions in place, claiming new variants. Either Covid passports to prove vaccine status to go to pubs (making profits for cronies who have been testing these for them for months) or back to lockdowns.
  5. I don't get the A for colour or the size one - I get the magnifying glass one though, called "Preview" on mine - by hovering over it. Strange! I've tried using Word and copy and pasting things over, but only text seems to work consistently. Thanks for trying - I may get to ask someone in authority at SF about it someday!
  6. no - I get the B, the I and the U, a link symbol, quote marks, emoji sign, spoiler button, bullet signs, number list signs, then magnifying glass. No dollar sign
  7. πŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸΊπŸΊπŸ˜€ No - just getting lots of emojis - never asks for size πŸ˜€
  8. 🍺🍺 I wish I knew how to make these pints bigger, or get the images others get onto here!
  9. Sounds like a lot compared to me! A bit of shopping and washed the pots! Still, I think we both deserve a pint on the house....when you are ready of course!
  10. There is a topic ongoing for people to comment on - Banner Pop Up Ads - I've made my contributions to it already. Another hot day for me and more to come. Too much for me, so I'm staying in as much as I can and trying to stay cool. De-frosting the freezers tomorrow! You been doing much?
  11. I keep hearing a few sounds coming from the cellar but haven't gone to investigate, as I don't really need anything from down there, and it could be our 4 legged Italian friends who should have gone by now. I'll let Padders investigate on his return tomorrow! Hope you've had a good day today, with cards, prezzies etc?
  12. Yes, I am fortunate enough to have time on my hands following retirement, and was using it to give feedback on the changes (which was asked for), and a suggestion to still get the advertising revenue SF needs to keep going without affecting our use of the forum too much.
  13. Top dart player, who had health problems after he reached the top and followed a televised diet and exercise regime to lose a lot of weight before resuming top level darts. The last time I saw him on TV, it was obvious tat a lot of the weight was back on. I haven't heard cause of death yet, but I remember a report saying he had Covid earlier this year
  14. it's a competition they are sponsoring - click the banner for details
  15. I've just done some measurements and calculations to show how the changes have affected me as a user. Working on an average 20" screen (measured diagonally of course) leaves me with a height of 9.75 inches to work with, 8" available to SF after Windows areas for tabs etc. Of that 8", a full 3" is taken up by SF's logo, the Portrait Artist of the Year ad, the forum and sub-topic tabs. After that, 1.5 is taken up by these new pop-ups. So, on opening a new topic, around 3.5" (only 44% of screen height available to SF) is available for the topic. The way SF is at present, this is enough only for the first line of the title of the topic. Admittedly, when you scroll down, the top 3" disappears, but you still lose a substantial amount of space to the ad's. SF already has a place reserved for ad's, but you don't use it! Under the New Posts on the left hand side, is this text (couldn't insert clip of it for some reason): "Advertising works - you're reading this! Put your own text advert here and link it to your site for just Β£10+VAT per week. Click here to get started" Why not do as you say, and put the adverts there? That would show potential new advertisers that you do put adverts where you say you do, and users would not be upset at the removal of space to read posts. We'd still be able to read the ad's though. How about it, SF?
  16. Very annoying, especially for regular users who look at more than one topic. My ad-blockers remove them, but I'm left with white space, meaning that the bottom post (usually the most recent, and therefore the one you want to read) is invisible. A huge amount of space on top of the forum is taken up by the "Portrait Artist of the year" ad - far bigger than the red part - that could easily be halved and the other used for ad's instead. Another problem with that area is if you leave your cursor there by accident, the post you were on goes and you are left with the posts on Portrait Artists - also annoying. Yes, I'll give is some time, but the above and the length of time new scan posts stay up before being taken down are certainly making the forum less attractive to me.
  17. Overheard that! Special offer for you, Birthday Girl - free drink at Padders Bar tonight, redeemable between the hours of 9pm and 11pm.
  18. Oh well, no customers, so no mess to clean up or glasses to wash. It's just lights off, alarm on, lock up and take my crossword home. Must remember to bring a novel as well tomorrow in case its a repeat of tonight! OK Jane - see you then!
  19. ?? Nobody has been in tonight, so I rang Last orders 10 mins back just to make sure I hadn't gone deaf!
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