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  1. Hi Jane, Put the request to the Help Desk as you suggested - no response yet. Everybody else seems to be blaming Covid for any difficulties they face or anything they can't do, so I'll just assume that's the reason! When Covid is history, it'll be amazing what gets done in the blink on a eye!
  2. Funky Nassau - The Beginning of the End
  3. Because some people are Padders. Anyway, I can't see them as you've the other side of the bar. While you're there, pull me a pint would you, and stop moaning?
  4. Strange Little Girl - Stranglers
  5. No dice. I don't eat pork scratchings and I'm spoken for. However, if there's free beer in the offing or crisps.......
  6. (I Don't Wanna Go To) Chelsea), and New Amsterdam - Elvis Costello
  7. Alberta#1 - Bob Dylan Yellow River - Christie (2nd largest river in China)
  8. that was the one I had prepared - see the bagpipes reference! Mountains of Mourne - Don McLean (old Irish folk song)
  9. Found another "M" Montego Bay (Jamaica) - Bobby Bloom The others are still pending.....Spoiler alert - bagpipes are being prepared for later tonite!
  10. I have an appointment with a nurse at mine next week for a blood test with them ringing me with the results 3 days later! Must admit though that they are saying all appointments with Doctors are phone unless in special circumstances can be by video. No mention of face-to-face. Covid blamed of course! Next step? All doctors can stay at home, by the phone/computer, no need to physically see patients at all! Then they can sell of the building and....... I wonder, if Covid is ever "cured" or disappears, who will be blamed for making our lives much worse? I'm not daft enough to think we'll get back to ringing up and physically been in the same room as a Doctor a few days later for example. Surely they'll find some other scapegoat?
  11. Marakkesh Express - Crosby Stills and Nash Coming soon, I've got 3 more ready - also all starting with the letter "M". One each of Scottish, Irish and American..... unless anybody beats me to them!
  12. I'm getting fed up with them as well - and I've made suggestions to them as to how to get the revenue without inconveniencing us too much. No reply, but I tried. I know from posts that others are considering quitting, but I've only recently joined and if I leave I'm not on Facer or Twitbook or the like or have any interest in joining, so that would be me missing out of the few useful informatory posts and updates (who United have signed, bus time changes etc) that are helpful - as well as the social interraction in these strange times. I'll stick with it for a while and see......
  13. Perhaps United have sold theirs to you - if so, great news as I hated it! UTB!
  14. Going to California - Led Zeppelin
  15. Go down Gamblin' - Blood, Sweat and Tears
  16. Is there life on Mars? - David Bowie
  17. Carolina in my mind - James Taylor
  18. great spot! Great official vid on YouTube as well. Shortly after it, he died, then his wife (also in the vid) died, then the ranch burnt down. Manchester Rambler - Ewen MacColl
  19. Depends on the managers plans. If he's planning on selling Ramsdale and Berge, I can't see him wanting to stay. If not....
  20. If we sold him and Berge, it would ease finances - yes - but who would be able to buy as replacements as the prices would clearly rise as its well known we'd have money to spend. No, sell them and expect to stay in the Championship for the foreseeable future.
  21. Nutbush City Limits - Ike and Tine Turner Big Rock Candy Mountain - Pete Seeger Port of Amsterdam - David Bowie
  22. Wedding Bells - Godley and Creme
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