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  1. One of those sweetshops was at the end of Melbourne Road. We used to walk up Springvale Rd sometimes from St Joseph's school Walkley and some girls from Western Road School would lie in wait for us and bully us by not letting us pass them!!
  2. 1950s/60s. Does anyone remember the Lollipop Shop on Heavygate Road, the grocers at the top of Greenhow St, Mrs Ward's grocers and Mr and Mrs Broomhead's greengrocers on Slinn St, Cauldwell's off license at the bottom of Bradley St? Also the Blood Transfusion service on Northfield road - they kept goats in the field behind our house and had a bonfire party there on Guy Fawkes. This is now Northfield Close.
  3. Hi I know this is an old post but I have only just joined. When you say the bottom of Bradley st do you mean across the road or actually on the corner of Bradley st? And was there an off-license called Cauldwells? Thanks
  4. Have only just joined and saw your post - I know it's old but do you still want info on Barbara Margaret and Ray? My family knew them well.
  5. Hello honestlove65 I have only just joined the forum I was looking for some information about Crookes and I saw your post. I know it is old but did you find the information you needed about Barbara and Margaret? My family knew them well. If you still want information I can tell you lots.
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