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  1. Hi there, Unfortunately, I don't view this as a potential partnership. I've got the capital and contacts to do this on my own. Strange you didn't mention the idea you've listed on your other (general) post. As it happens, the bulk of my background is with the supplements industry...
  2. I have recently moved back to Sheffield, and am keen to link up with someone with a great business idea, looking to progress it to reality. I can help with both financial resources and business management expertise. I am looking to share ownership in a business, not a hands-off investment. My particular specialism is digital marketing and e-commerce. However, these skills are transferable and can equally be used to promote a brick-and-mortar, B2B or regional business. Please note, I’m not interested in food and drink start-ups. If you’ve got a burning idea, or are currently working for a profitable company and think you can do it better, please do drop me a message.
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