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  1. Thanks I found it on Google, but house is only 2 storey, she said it was 3 . I think she maybe 'thought' it was unless it went to a lower floor at the back. I'll send her a picture anyway. Thanks very much.
  2. That's great kris. What address would it have been please, so I can look on Google Maps to compare, and send a picture to Steph as she's not got a computer. She will be pleased to know you found it, it's been niggling her for ages. A BIG THANKYOU to you. Heartshome.
  3. Hi kris, the house was taller than other properties, it was on the main road on the end of the row, with the Bakery next to it. Stephnie (no a ) was just with her Mum. Have looked on Picture Sheff. Thanks.
  4. Hi kriss99, had a word with my friend, she said the 'room' could quite possibly have been used for storage. She remembers the house was 3 storeys high, and on the END with the Bakery next to it. She also recalls she played with 4 other girls who decided on a group name ' THE FIVE ICED DIAMONDS ' if any ladies remember that name who are from the area. My friends name back then was STEPHNIE GAMBLE. Ok Heartshome.
  5. Hi Kris99, strange you should mention the land, spoke to my friend this afternoon, she said the gang of children she played with went over a wall at the back onto some open ground to play. Also used to go up steps at the side of the house where there was a 'funny' room, she thought it must have been a boiler room or something, maybe it was and it was used for storage. Thanks Heartshome.
  6. Thankyou TWhits, your effort is very much appreciated, I will pass the info on to my friend. Heartshome.
  7. Anyone remember a BAKERY next to a big old house on the end of a road in Walkley. My friend lived in a flat in the house with her Mum, but can't remember where it was. It was when she was little so late 50s early 60s. Thanks Heartshome.
  8. Hia, not been able to find a listing for a 'Pub' or anything here. As far back as 1912 it was N. Blaskey & Co. Cabinet Makers.
  9. Hi bungleboy, there is an 'OLD SIGN' for 'MAGNET ALES' on the corner of the 'Antique & Upholstery shop' above their door. Number 587 C/field Rd, corner of Denton Street. Would that be the sign you saw.
  10. Hia. Seems there were 2 Ruben Viners. One born 1908/9 - died 1993 aged 84 The other born 1920/24 - died 2008 no age given
  11. Hi Rockers rule. Just a bit of extra info I found for you. Prior to moving to EVR sometime after 1862, Henry Stephenson (snr) lived with his father John at Endcliffe Cres. Endcliffe Vale Road - built between 1840/42. No property on the Glen site - up to 1855. Someone said it had 3 names - 1865-8 = The Grove - 1883 = Holly Bank - by 1888 The Glen - 1901 number 47 EVR 'The Glen'. Henry Stephenson (snr) Mayor 1886 - Knighted 1886/7. ( His son Henry Kenyon Stephenson was Mayor twice ) He died 1904 - As frequent attenders, In 1906 Lady Emma presented St Augustin's Church their bells and Clock in his memory. She lived on at The Glen till her death in 1921. The earliest sale of a flat I could find at The Glen complex was 1998. OK Heartshome
  12. My friend has come up with the idea that the Sheffield Vulcan CC, might have had something to do with the VULCAN WORKS, as many of the big companies had Sports Clubs and Activities.
  13. I grew up in our Cottage with no Bathroom. Outside loo was down 13 steps, along a path, then round the corner of the Coal House. ( Thank goodness for the poe ) It was 'Top & Tail' during the week, an extra one if you were going out. And as for most of us, Sunday night was Bath night in front of the fire with the Tin Bath. The Towel and Nightdress warming on the rug by the hearth. Then a cup of hot milk and a bicci. Lovely! It was just the way life was for us back then wasn' t it, we didn't know any different. My Mum's landlord got a grant and had her a bathroom fitted in 1978, I was married by then.
  14. They'd take POW's out for walks around the area, often down to Forge Dam Cafe. Mum told me one Sunday, when she was home on leave from the WAAFS, her and hubby were at the Forge where there were a group of German POW's. She got talking to a young man who was only 19, who said he was glad he was at the Camp, because while he was a POW his family were safe. Mum asked him what he meant, he told her that he and his family 'hated' Hitler, ( at this point he started crying ) and what he was doing to Germany, but if they didn't support him, or he refused to join the cause, they would shoot his family. Mum often said she wondered what happened to him. What a terrible situation to be faced with.
  15. Yes, Mum used to mend our shoes on it, I also remember the horrid smelling glue, that stuck the sole on Phew!! Like others members, I still have it as a door stop.
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