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  1. Thanks for the reply! We'll be there on Thursday!
  2. How can I get tickets without having to go on the website and pay the booking fee? Or is it more than £8 cos you have to get charged a booking fee?
  3. How can I get tickets without having to go on the website and pay the booking fee? Or is it more than £8 cos you have to get charged a booking fee?
  4. Thank you for all your suggestions, I am looking in to the best method for what I actually need it for. Some really useful suggestions from you guys...thanks!
  5. No more opinions about the pros and cons of monitoring my childrens use of the internet please. Just recommendations and experiences of keylogger.
  6. Hi, Does anybody use keylogger software on their home pc / laptop? I would like to make sure my young teens are behaving appropriately on the computer we use at home to check websites visited and chatrooms. Nosey?... You betcha! Worrying times at their school with gangs and I want to check every now and again that they aren't getting involved. Would be interested to hear of any other ways to do this if keylogger seems a bit extreme. Thanks.
  7. No...that approach wouldn't inspire me either!! I already drink lots and plenty of water...Doesn't sound like hypnotherapy either... I've got an image of a swinging pendulum and a soothing voice that sends me to sleep and tells me never to touch another chocolate hobnob again! Any other experiences out there?
  8. Has anybody had hypnotherapy for losing weight in Sheffield? Does it work? How much did it cost? I've got about 2 stone to lose and really struggling with my sweet tooth!! I put the weight on when I had a serious injury to my leg and had to stop exercising. I never needed to diet before really as I was a keen runner and did boxing training etc. It's taken me a year to put on 2 stone and I really need to lose it by dieting but Ive been hopeless!!! I think if I joined WW or Slimming World classes I would cheat! I would really like to hear about hypnotherapy experiences for losing weight. Thanks!!
  9. All of your responses have been really helpful at putting my mind at rest and calming me down a little. I've had a chat to her today about money and internet use... she seemed to understand and we have come to an agreement about pocket money. I overheard her saying to her friends that I've spoilt her life by taking the wireless router to bed with me at night to stop her staying up online till 2am!! But I can live with that! I'm also going to talk to her about her "engagement" this weekend to see what it's all about... I have a good starting point for the conversation as her grandma rang me tonight to say that one of her cousins saw it on facebook!!!! Thanks again for all your comments and advice..it's been brilliant.
  10. Hi everyone, I've been getting increasingly worried about my daughter who turned 16 last month. She has turned from being a helpful, funny, loving daughter into a lying, secretive, lazy misery!! Totally normal behaviour from a teenager really...but I'm finding it hard to talk to her about it all. It was easy to talk and chat non-stop with each other about everything until about 6 months ago when she started seeing a new boyfriend. All her waking hours are spent on MSN, Facebook, texting and on the phone to him. He doesn't live in Sheffield. I've met him a few times and he is very quiet, doesnt really say hello and goodbye..I just see his shoes at the bottom of the stairs and know he's turned up. I've asked her to spend more time being social in the house with him...but I get a nasty look and a grunt...then they sit in front of the tv kissing in front of me and my partner making us feel really uncomfortable. He refuses any offers of dinner or lunch, but they go to the shop and make pot noodles or toast for themselves... She spends all her allowance on train fares to him and thinks nothing of asking for a continuous flow of money from me. If I say no, she says that she should be getting her Dads maintenance (which has been £100 a month since she was 3). I can't afford to keep supplying her with the money but find myself turning out my purse just to stop the confrontation. I know she is having sex although she has never admitted it to me.... (I remember being 16!!) My partner has picked up on this atmosphere and we seem to be tip-toeing around her all the time. This has all come to a head today when she rushed out of the house leaving the computer on and her status on facebook is that she is engaged!!! I did notice in my google history the other day a "ring sizer" search and I'm devastated!!! How can I approach her about this. I feel like I want to ground her, stop all her money, tell her truthfully how we feel about her boyfriend and basically tell her I know about all the lies she has been telling me recently. But in my heart I know this would push her more towards him. I honestly thought this relationship wouldn't last... Any advice out there would be very gratefully received....
  11. Hello, Please can somebody tell me when to first go to the doctors when you find out youre pregnant. Also, when is the first scan (where they can tell you a more accurate due date)? Very best wishes for all of you and your babies Thank you.
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