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  1. why not go on the rspca website and with a bit of luck the phone number for the old rspca may be still on try it it will probably be the same number
  2. how did they get away with that it s the first I have heard of this
  3. I can see where you are coming from on and I fully agree with you on the face of it apart from one slight complication it could be said that the police are complicit in the alleged crime also.
  4. are you saying the ball is a listed building if not I cannot understand your reply
  5. I strongly suggest that you restrict yourself to threads where you know you can offer truly helpful advice (and it seems that this thread is not one of them). that is a little unfair I offered my solution and a little further down the posts offers almost the same solution and I am wrong why
  6. 'if you don't like it, don't use us' quote from last post people vote with the feet every ryanair flight that takes off this morning will have been full. 90% of the world is still throwing pollution into the air so 10% are trying to save it from going in the air the phrase ******* in the wind comes to mind so until everybody does the same why should every passenger in this country have to pay for a useless excercise that will benefit no one airlines Put 2% of the pollution into the air why should the airlines have to pay 100% of the cost the extra tax we are going to pay where is the money going how does raising taxes combat pollution. please explain by the goverments admission the number of passengers using the airlines will double in the next ten years so paying the extra tax wont stop people travelling. dont blame ryanair alone all the airlines are doing the same to single out ryanair is unacceptable. remember also heathrow is allegedly the worst polluter in the south of england ryanair operate one flight per day out of there. about the disabled issue a couple of years ago the passengers paid the fare and took the chance one pence flights plus taxes and BAA charge the airlines for the use of wheelchairs etc at the time ryanair put forward the arguement that the use of wheelchairs was not there responsibilty it was the customers the high court decided different so now every passenger has to pay 30p which is included in the taxes to cover the cost. ryanair do not discrimate against the disabled they used to once they dont now or they would be prosecuted. and ryanair have a duty of care to the customers to get them from point to point and nobody can argue they dont do that quite well. the FINAL point if ryanair can take you from one airport in england to one in europe ie ema to girona for £11.81 including taxes return why does BA charge approx £175 for a comparable flight. WHICH ONE IS THE CAPALIST.
  7. I have tried to help you on this thread and if that is the reply I get you dont deserve help and I never said all the records ever made were on the net I said I imagine a generalisation not a statement of fact so without a doubt I was not wrong you moron
  8. make sure you have the leads in the right sockets then click on the volume and bring up the main volume contols and make sure they have not been put on mute in error go to device manager and check the drivers are installed correctly for the sound
  9. I agree once again three cheers for Mick/Stellios/and Tiny for bringing air travel to the masses
  10. I think your reply makes it a lot clearer all the best
  11. surely you mean legally and I would imagine there is not one record ever made you could not find on the net somewhere that is a legal download might take a long time to find it but you would
  12. And another thing I have travelled approx 400 times over the years and ryanair flights are always full to capacity with odd exception PEARSON picked on the wrong airline I have travelled twice with BA sheffield to london on both occasions a total of five passengers each way You may ask why the cost £225 return thats why
  13. Remember as well as a aerial you would also need a tuner built into the DVD if you dont mind a small screen within the picture on your computer get a tv card for you computer
  14. Just one point I think you you get the percentage for what you sell not the other way round. I think I know what you mean but to infer a percentage in the way you do in the post comes over as the smaller bit of the revenue
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