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  1. A better analogy would have been Ford’s swine flu vaccination response in 1976.
  2. The WASPI women took it to court and lost already. In my humble opinion they made a mistake in their argument that their treatment was discrimination. The judge said something along of the lines of it actually being sexist that women were allowed to retire earlier than men. They should have just argued better that the large jump in retirement age was unfair and argued for a staggered increase - which is what I think happened in Germany. I think this would have been much fairer than the blanket increase.
  3. Or communist. They don't have a great record on free speech either.
  4. A quick look on the BOE website shows £1000 in 2000 was worth £1721.35 in 2020 which you'd have to consider before thinking you have doubled your money.
  5. Apelike said something the masses will go for. They didn't go for Corbyn. Twice. I saw Corbyn on TV a lot and thought him a petulant, unintelligent, un-dynamic, fence-sitting bore who promised more than he could deliver. So I didn't vote for him or his party. The only part the media played there was putting him on TV for me to see for myself. Clearly many others felt the same. Of course it's easier to say it was a conspiracy against him because that absolves him of responsibility for his and the party's failings under his leadership. His supporters didn't help either and ought to now accept that. So, what else? I didn't vote Tory either.
  6. Repeating this will never make it true.
  7. Maybe - but that's not exclusive to neoliberals.
  8. So every teacher, doctor, train driver, police officer, airline pilot, fire fighter etc etc etc who is professionally represented by a union is black listed? How many journalists were arrested covering anti-lockdown or BLM protests that took place last year? I think there are other countries that Anna would not refer to as neoliberal that do worse.
  9. In a thread where net wealth has been repeatedly confused with bank balance, classical liberalism and laissez faire economic policy have been described as the same as neoliberalism, the Bilderberg Group and Davos have been discussed as a shadowy elite and the media have been blamed again for Corbyn not winning two elections, it's not surprising is it?
  10. Is it fascism or neoliberalism? If the neoliberals are all powerful (because they are the oligarchs and bankers and according to you they control the media) and, if you are correct in your claim, are the reason Corbyn didn't win, what makes you think that "they" will let a fascist win? If Trump isn't a neoliberal, how come "they" allowed him to win? You are going to run out of isms soon.
  11. Fascism is a form of authoritarian ultranationalism. That's not neoliberal, so your final sentence makes no sense in the context of everything else you have claimed in this thread. Perhaps other people don't think they are voting against their best interests - or that the alternative would be worse? And anyway, after the 2008 crash, the public had a chance to vote against the incumbent Labour government and did.
  12. Fair point, but is it just the ‘neoliberal’ governments that have failed?
  13. So who is driving things such as the Paris Agreement and other green initiatives? Either governments aren’t so neoliberal after all or neoliberal governments and environmentalism are compatible.
  14. I’m not sure I understand the premise of the question. Are you implying neoliberalism and environmentalism are incompatible?
  15. I don’t deny it exists. But it’s overused as an epithet to try and win arguments. There is a lot more to it than just blaming everything one perceives as bad on ‘neoliberalism.’
  16. Ok. So previous governments have not been strictly neoliberal then. See, I think a lot of armchair experts use ‘neoliberalism’ as a slur to describe anything ‘bad’ a government does.
  17. What about the bit of my post you didn’t quote? Is bailing out the banks and supporting business during this pandemic more Keynesian or neoliberal?
  18. I thought, in simple terms, Keynes's theory favours a private sector market economy with a proviso for state intervention during recessions and depressions. Does your understanding differ? Brown intervened after the crash in 2008 and Sunak has done much to support business during the pandemic. Wouldn't strict neoliberal policy have just allowed them to fail?
  19. I thought so too. A quick search tells me there are now 2.5 million more registered businesses in the UK in 2020 than in the year 2000. That's not conclusive but if the claimed general trend is just for big to buy the small you'd expect that number to have fallen. Also, as an example, in 2019 the merger of Asda and Sainsbury's was blocked by the competition watchdog. Sainsbury's-Asda merger blocked by competition watchdog | Business | The Guardian Is that neoliberalism at work?
  20. Anna, do you not think there is a divide in Germany between the old East and West? I thought there was. Have you researched it or are you just making a sweeping statement to support your own argument? Edit: Oh look. There is. https://www.google.co.uk/amp/s/amp.theguardian.com/world/2020/sep/16/germany-east-west-gaps-persist-30-years-reunification
  21. I thought I read that when Seattle introduced a higher minimum wage one unexpected effect was some people reduced the hours they worked. Is that neoliberalism in action?
  22. Having read and responded to your posts on this subject, what makes you think I’d have any interest in a video you recommend? Do you see simularities between your previous posts about a shadowy elite and anti-Semitic canards? Your topic about economic policy/philosophy has descended into conspiracy nonsense with very distasteful parallels. My only surprise is it took seven pages.
  23. Ah ok, thought so; the shadowy elite who control all business and the media. How familiar are you with the classic anti-Semitic canards? See any similarities?
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