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  1. If Corbyn had not lost two elections you wouldn't need to moan about Starmer. Continuing to throw around neoliberal, Tory-lite, Blairitie etc. as political smears is getting beyond tedious now. I'd go so far as to say some voted for the Tories because they found the small army around Corbyn who treated him like an infallible yet demonised Messiah rather disturbing and off-putting.
  2. How many rich and famous were in those pubs in Sheffield that got raided during the first lockdown? Your post reads like inverted snobbery. People who chose to ignore the rules are not limited by social class or bank balance.
  3. Annie is pointing out the contradiction. Amusing
  4. I’m not cynical Flanker7, I’m pointing out that if one claims the simple minded can be easily taken in by Tory sound bites they must also accept that the simple minded can be taken in by Labour sound bites. I thought my intention was obvious. For the record, it wasn’t me or Apelike who first mentioned the simple-minded.
  5. So perhaps Labour got as many votes as they did in 2019 due to people believing the sound bite “For the many not the few.”
  6. Who you have said you voted for yourself. Your point being?
  7. I don’t think you have challenged me to be honest. You’ve described the actions of a despot and I haven’t denied Pinochet was that.
  8. Me and a bunch of academics on the subject - but like I say, let’s agree to disagree.
  9. Let’s agree to disagree. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Augusto_Pinochet#Accusations_of_fascism
  10. Really? You started this thread last year, posting: "I know these two are popular but I just cannot take to them somehow. I watched their Saturday Night Takeaway last night and found it childish, boring and with forced laughter." When have you ever liked it? I don't watch it myself but given the number of series, viewing figures and awards they've got for it, I'm not sure ITV will care that people who didn't like it last year still don't like it. Sometimes it helps to think, is this aimed at my demographic?
  11. A claim that has been made earlier in this thread. However, neoliberalism and fascism aren't all that compatible, if you think about it. Never mind that fascism is actually National Socialism. And since when have Communist countries been all that big on their citizens' right to protest?
  12. Is "For the many, not the few" not a simple sound bite designed to appeal to "the masses?" It's somewhat patronising to say those "taken in" by Tory slogans are simple mind. Socialists will never win power whist ever they treat anyone other than themselves as either part of "The Establishment" or stupid.
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