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  1. And yet 450 per day still die of cancer according to your figures. What fraction of those had access to treatment? Number of people who’ve died of toothache so far this year whilst you are at it.
  2. Sadly, the same can be said for many cancer patients. What figures do you have for toothache deaths?
  3. For starters we are about three quarters through the year and there have been over 40k Covid deaths.
  4. Godwin’s Klaxon. No point in further discussion.
  5. Who is “they?” The ones who deny the disease even exists? The ones who don’t but say it’s not a pandemic? The ones who say it’s all 5G?
  6. I hope you and Dave have a nice time at the rally.
  7. No, it wasn’t a link to a video. I think you are underestimating or deliberately ignoring the level of lunacy of We Do Not Consent.
  8. The We Do No Consent link that the user sent contains the words “end the fake pandemic.” Do you stand by what you just wrote?
  9. Problem solved then. Let's have Glasto next week! Come on Mel, you can do better than that. Catmiss raised some valid points.
  10. 👍 I enjoyed the exchange. You had me thinking for a bit
  11. I know how you’ve calculated maximum number of cars and I’ve told you that’s where the flaw is. Say 10,000 cars travel between J33 and J34 per day. Using your units; At 60 mph, it’s 60 x 10,000 pollutant seconds per mile. At 70 mph it’s 51.42 x 10,000 pollutant seconds per mile. 60/51.42 = 1.167. The “maximum number of cars” you are using is entirely irrelevant. Your analysis isn’t simplistic it’s just wrong. The number of cars that have to get between J33 and J34 does not change regardless of how fast they do it.
  12. Where did the extra vehicles come from? Your “maximum number of cars” is the flaw. It’s not a variable.
  13. Realised your mistake then? You have a different “maximum number of cars“ in your calculations for 60 and 70. The number of cars on the motorway doesn’t change though.
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