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  1. I thought I read that when Seattle introduced a higher minimum wage one unexpected effect was some people reduced the hours they worked. Is that neoliberalism in action?
  2. Having read and responded to your posts on this subject, what makes you think I’d have any interest in a video you recommend? Do you see simularities between your previous posts about a shadowy elite and anti-Semitic canards? Your topic about economic policy/philosophy has descended into conspiracy nonsense with very distasteful parallels. My only surprise is it took seven pages.
  3. Ah ok, thought so; the shadowy elite who control all business and the media. How familiar are you with the classic anti-Semitic canards? See any similarities?
  4. Who are they? Is this the same "they?"
  5. Good idea Anna; suggest people do that. Otherwise they might see that neoliberalism has not been partly blamed for the Great Depression or WWII.
  6. This is absolute rubbish. You throw it around as a political slur. I don't think you do, really. Amazon currently employs nearly 1,250,000 people of which 810,000 are in the US. Let's say they earn $12,000 a year each on average. Quite a modest salary. That's nearly $15bn. With me so far? OK, let's double it, as you suggest Bezos can easily afford to do. Well, Amazon's net income for 2019 was $11.6bn dollars. Still sure you understand the difference between an individual's net worth and money they have in the bank? Do you know what year Amazon started and what year it first hit profit?
  7. You seem to confuse his net worth with the amount of money he has in the bank. There is a pretty big difference. If you don't understand that difference perhaps you shouldn't be trying to explain something like neoliberalism to others and should also stop throwing the word around as a political slur.
  8. Fifty-odd if I heard right on the radio this morning.
  9. To anyone of sane mind, they are attacking it. If they believe the election was rigged now would be a good time for Trump to present his evidence. If the QAnon theory is correct wouldn't now be a good time for Trump to act? He has done neither. Still, always good to see you crow-bar in your own interpretation of neoliberalism and imply all would be well in the world if Corbyn-alikes were in charge.
  10. It’s the Mirror vox-popping at an airport not the Washington Post reporting on Watergate. I’m not saying people shouldn’t be tested on entry but, to me, it does seem the wrong way round. I take issue with the apparent dramatic denouncements of the few passengers actually quoted (who seem to be British citizens or live here anyway). If they think they are positive they wouldn’t and shouldn’t have flown in to begin with. Can the UK government unilaterally say to the US, for example, no-one can get on a UK bound plane without first having a Covid test? That seems the sensible thing to do; test people before they fly. Not after they’ve arrived. The article concludes: Officials are considering banning UK residents from returning home without a clean Covid-19 test, the Mirror understands. The Government is finalising plans to tighten restrictions, which are expected to include pre-flight tests for anyone entering the country.
  11. I don't know. Why weren't they tested before they flew? Why is it essential that the Mirror sends people to the airport to ask?
  12. Sounds to me like the passengers are saying, "this is a joke, we might have Covid!" Errrr, yeah, so why did you fly then? And is it essential for the Mirror to have it's hacks at the airport questioning people? I'm also pretty sure that the UK is a Covid-hit country.
  13. Ok. No, it's not possible to still get a chest X-ray at the Hallamshire. Do you believe me? Better phone them and check. It's the sensible thing to do.
  14. The Hallamshire Hospital probably can. They'd be the best to ask, you would think.
  15. Considering the volume of criticism you post of ITV shows I find this hilariously ironic.
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