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  1. Granville College ground on Ecclesall Road South has been left to grow wild. Former YMCA ground at the top of Crimicar Lane has now been restored for cricket use. Have any other grounds been restored? Are any of the cricket pitches in Graves Park whose boundaries used to intersect still in use?
  2. I understand that at the week-end there was a meeting of locals to discuss the possible improvement of facilities in Bingham Park. It would be nice to see the tennis courts and golf course there returned to their former glory as the courts in particular are now an eyesore. Does anyone know what the conclusion of the meeting was?
  3. Some more of the fitters who covered the Magnet Department, Strips and bandsaw in the early 70's: Bill 'lovely day!' Houghton Ken Birks Big Brian Little Eddie Walt Kent Stan Griffiths Alwyn Speed Ray Higginbottom John Wainwright Harry Willetts Arthur Smith - his brother Fred worked in the toolroom next door under Tommy Watkinson Laurie Whaley - his main job was to go to the Neill family home once every week and wind up all the clocks! Walter Hadfield - foreman There was also Ralph Shipman, the vendor mender, whose sudden disappearance was the subject of a lot of speculation.
  4. As others have pointed out the issue on Sandygate Road is indiscriminate parking mainly by residents who believe that they simply must park outside their own homes. There is parking on the brow of the hill, two vehicles parked opposite each other thereby severely narrowing the road, parking on the pavement, parking on the bend all of which is to the inconvenience of other road users and pedestrians. The fact that many chose to park partly on the pavement is a reflection of how dangerous they recognise their parking is. This shows a clear lack of consideration for others. The solution is not to remove the current white line but to make the city-bound side of the road a no parking area by putting down double yellow lines. That would immediately improve the safety of all road users and pedestrians and allow traffic to flow freely. As for cyclists if they find Sandygate Road dangerous, there is an immediate alternative by using Ringstead Crescent. It is flatter, it is straighter and it is much less hazardous.
  5. How do overseas students pay for any medical attention they receive during their stay? Is this an element of the fees they pay assuming they are seen by the student medical service. Or are they billed on a case by case basis? Or is there an arrangement?
  6. Stolen car was dumped on Hillcote Close this morning. Thief ran off when chased by police and police were searching for him/her this morning. Police may be interested as these could be the keys of the stolen car.
  7. The two joiners I recall specifically working at James Neill producing display material with Albert Keats were Sid Stevenson and Vin Fletcher. Derek Needham was more involved in general joinery work around the factory at that time. Was the surname of the Graham you mention Bagshaw?
  8. Albert Keats left James Neill in the early 1970's and went to work for Curley Signs which was located right opposite the Nursery Tavern on Ecclesall Road. Albert was known to spend the occasional evening in the Nursery. Curley Signs then became Silver Knight Exhibitions which moved up to Handsworth Road, not too far from the current Asda store. When he worked at James Neill Albert was responsible for exhibitions and product displays and had a couple of joiners responsible to him.
  9. There was a small record shop in the laste 60's /early 70's at the town end of Division Street close to Fantham's Hairdressers. The name escapes me.
  10. King Edward's school on Glossop Road runs Japanese classes in the evenings for beginners and intermediate learners. Autumn term has just begun but it may still be possible to join. Japanese is one of the more popular languages there. http://www.kes.sheffield.sch.uk/adult-evening-classes/
  11. Johnson has been one of the worst 'analysts' on the BBC. His vocabulary is limited -normally he manages to use the word 'incredible' six times during any analysis. And last evening when Foster went out of his way to condemn drugs cheats Johnson in his own way defended them talking about 'different circumstances'. I believe Johnson has a vested interest in managing certain US athletes. However, Foster's codemnation only came after a Turkish athlete had won. I don't recall him being so verbose when Gatlin and Chambers were competing. Foster also wins the award for the most biased commentaries. His worst example was the women's steeplechase when all he could do was focus on a British no-hoper when others were tussling for the gold medal. Johnson and Foster were the very worst examples of BBC's commentators and analysts.
  12. As many will know the Cutlers Company is an extremely long established institution members of which are many of the the heads of Sheffield industry. As such one of its repsonsibilities is the the guardianship of the heritage and traditions of Sheffield. Yesterday the Chief Executive circulated members (Freemen) seeking support for the prosposal to demolish the Edwardian wing of Jessop Hospital. The reason as set out by the Chief Executive is: There is clearly some resistance to this but the benefit of the new facility seems to significantly outweigh any loss to heritage as a result of the demolition of these two wings, particularly as the Victorian part of the hospital has been restored by the University. As part of his circular he even attaches a draft letter supporting the move which members are encouraged to address to the Estates Management Department at the university. It is not clear on whose authority the circular was sent. Those opposing the demolition should be aware of this course of action taken by the Cutlers Company and may similarly wish to address their concerns to the university. The course of action of the Cutlers Company is not one supported by all members.
  13. I frequented the place when it first opened many years ago but it had too many irritating problems - long queues to pay, cars left at pumps. The final straw came with an encounter with a rude member of staff. I have not been back since even though it is my closest petrol station.
  14. Have a look at http://www.sheffieldu3a.org.uk/index.html There are 170 activity groups with 3000 participants in Sheffield - all are retired or semi-retired.
  15. King Edward School has released details of its intensive summer language classes in French, German, Portuguese, Greek, Spanish, Italian and Japanese......http://www.kes.sheffield.sch.uk/adult-evening-classes/
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