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  1. I have sent you one I have sent you one
  2. Thank you. I think I'll consider changing to that when my subscription to GPS Outdoors expires in November
  3. I live in Tunbridge Wells! I have put the full installation program for 3.18.02 on my Google drive. It has setup.exe and TrackLogsDigitalMappingV3_18_02.msi and works just fine on version 1909 of Windows 10 Pro. It is about 24MB in size. Let me know by PM if you would like to download it. Then you will have a working installation program should you need it in the future How much is that? I use GPS Outdoors, which is a subscription service for £19.99 a year. From its web site it looks as though it has richer functionality than GPS Outdoors.
  4. I bought my maps back in 2014 but I have no idea how old they were then. The copyright when you print from Tracklogs is (c) 2020 but that's just the software going by the date on the computer For walking purposes I have found them to be still accurate enough. Heck, before Tracklogs I used paper maps of the Peak District I bought back in the early 1990s. But road changes are a different matter. In fact even the official OS online maps still do not reflect road changes made in my part of West Kent two years ago!
  5. Hi David, Fortunately they didn't implement an online validation of the licence key of the map reader software, then we really would be buggered. I have a 'permanent licence' for an indexing application but the darned thing validates my licence over the internet every time I run it. If the company ever goes out of business, I lose the use of the software I've paid for. As I said, I am happy to make available to anyone who needs it the latest version of the map reader software. It should work fine with their existing licence key. They should send me a message via the forum and I can send them a link to my Google drive from where it can be downloaded. Even if the reader software stops working with future versions of Windows, one could always create a virtue machine running an older version of windows (e.g. Windows 7or XP) just to run Tracklogs! Provided the VM has no internet access, that would be fine. We should be able to safeguard our existing investment in Tracklog maps, despite the absence of any help from Tracklogs. Thanks I will enjoy the walks! Stephen
  6. Hi I saw this thread when trying to find out what happened to the Tracklogs site and signed up to respond. I have been a user of Tracklogs over ten years. Several years ago as a 50th birthday present to myself bought the entire collection of maps - well over 600! - for the princely sum of £240, which worked out at about 40p a map. I have the full installation program for the map viewer that came with that, version 3.18.02, which appears to be the latest version, even though it is dated 2013. I can confirm that the installation still works and does not check with tracklogs.co.uk that the licence key is valid. I am happy to put this on my Google drive for anyone who wants to install the map viewer to gain access to the maps they have already purchased. I can confirm also that the map viewer works fine with version 1909 of Windows 10 with the exception of the 3d maps which won;t use my GPU. I am pretty ****** off that they just shut down the site with no explanation, which is pretty shoddy behaviour. The least they could have done is put up some bromide web site saying that owning to business circumstances they must wind up the company and thanking their customers, yadda, yadda, yadda. I consider it to be a brilliant product and I used it all the time to plan walks all over the UK. But clearly its price model wasn't going to work any more. On my iPad and iPhone I have installed GPS Outdoors which for a subscription of £19.99 a year gives me all 600+ OS 1:25,000 maps. Its functionality is inferior to Tracklogs but then it is a mobile app so I can actually take it with me on walks. I do not regret buying Tracklogs and will continue to use it for as long as I can continue to walk or the maps become too outdated to use. I have an archive of a few hundred walks so it will be used for many years to come.
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