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  1. I remember trying to cross the road from fence workshop side after getting off bus with my mum inthe early seventies traffic was constant both ways . when we told my grandad he said he could remember playing football on the same spot before the first world war all day and they had to stop once for a horse and cart to get past cheers Len and every body for your comments
  2. when were the cottages demolished I was born 1961 cant remember them. I remember. the derelict house behind the bus shelter opposite fence workshop
  3. my mum was mary clayton she had three brothers Dennis Ken and Ronnie
  4. my mum was mary clayton she had three brothers Dennis Ken and Ronnie
  5. hi len lunn do you remember the claytons on falconer lane . also do you remember Bob Haywoods chip shop furnace Lane woodhouse mill he was my great grandfather just another point where were fence cottages cheers
  6. I lived on there for a while in the seventies with my grandad probably knew them cheers HIBBSY
  7. Hi melthebell my mum lived there in the forties her dad my grandad lived on there for 80 odd years he was a character he knew every inch of that area and could tell some stories
  8. Thanks for the reply Jim did or do you live on Falconer lane
  9. thanks for the replies my mother's family lived there for many years
  10. hi sue was one of your uncles called John Watson aka "muss" he was my dads friend at wales bar in the 1930/ 40s I worked with him in the steel industry
  11. My Grandma lived at 66 East terrace next door to John and Terry Godfrey. My dad was one of 13 children I saw my Grandmas house advertised couple of years ago it said perfect for the smaller family. hope you are well nice to hear some familiar names I was born in Kiveton but was always referred to has a " Bar lad " all the best
  12. John was my uncle my dads youngest brother. Did you live on East terrace or South terrace. Do you remember Herbert Harris, Herbert Humble , Colin Woodhead
  13. Hello Does anyone remember Falconer lane Fence in the 1940 s many thanks Lyndon
  14. Hello . Just a couple of points to add to the discussion, Kenny Bonsall was my Foreman at Unbrako steels really nice man Bob Coxon was foreman there also. my family the Haywoods lived on East terrace quite a lot of the ' Bar lads " worked with me
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