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  1. Oh no, nobody wants to buy the barnsley road end of Firth Park road? I didn't realize that area is that bad.
  2. Hiya how much would a 4 bed house on firth park road be roughly? The ones closer to Barnsley Road, not the firth park. I think the side closer to firth park is quite a bit more expensive than the side close to the hospital. Is it easy to sell a house on that road? Thanks for replying!
  3. Hi everyone I would like to buy a terraced house on firth park road, in sheffield, due to work reasons. Preferrably 4 bedroom and 2 reception rooms because I have a good size family. How much would this kind of house be selling for on Firth Park Road? I saw on rightmove, they are mostly sold for 80K, max 90K, is this what to expect? In years to come, if I do want to sell the house, will there be any difficulty in selling the house? I am new to sheffield, so doesn't know the area well. Any advise? Thanks
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