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  1. Shiregreen Service Station on Sicey Avenue provide a courtesy car if they have one available, call them on 0114 2401100
  2. Hi, as the title says, does anyone know of a hairdresser that fits the actual Halo? I have one and just want to be sure I have got the size and positioning correct before I make it permanent, any ideas?
  3. I'm trying to find a replacement hair extensionist that does tape hair extensions that can fit me in at short notice- my extensionist has had to take time off and I need 12 sets of tape bonds replacing after they came straight out after maintenance on Sunday, any recommendations anyone?
  4. What happened to social responsibility and ownership within the community? People don't take ownership and are too afraid to "grass", well guess what, there is no magic wand to fix things, its down to all of us as individuals to manage our communities ---------- Post added 24-06-2014 at 21:05 ---------- show me the legislation then
  5. Please please please can we have a concerted effort on spelling and grammar, is Sheffield education THAT poor?
  6. I am bumping this as it got deleted in error and I want to get a solution to my ironing nightmare asap, all input welcome!!! Thanks!
  7. Hi all Does anyone know of a reasonable ironing service in the S5 area, ideally that will pick up and return ironing? Thanks!!
  8. Hi, thought I would start a new thread as the other threads re dog friendly pubs/pubs with sky sports don't cover both things so- can anyone recommend a dog friendly pub that has Sky Sports on? Thanks
  9. Thanks Moonbird. They coming to fix it, well look at it at least tomorrow, so will see what the prognosis is then, just needed to get the backlog cleared at £4 per load!! Went to Page Hall in the end- assistant very helpful but more machines out of order than working which was a shame as it was very busy.
  10. Hi all Does anyone know the name of the one on St Michaels Crescent or its phone number? Washing machine has die and need to do about 5 loads of washing!
  11. Has anyone seen this type of shoe in a shop? They are the ones that fold up small in your handbag so when you can swap them for your heels once it gets too much- I can find loads online but would like some this week and don't think they will get her in time if I order online. Thanks!!
  12. Obviously, just wondered how many flats were affected etc...
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