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  1. I have written this FREE nutrition ebook. Feel free to share. The more this reaches the better. I'm passionate about helping people and I do this all for free. http://www.proteinlifestyle.co.uk/nutrition-guide In this 121 page guide, it covers all aspects of transforming your lifestyle into a healthier and happier one. How many times have you gone to change your body, yet get lost with diet changes, the foods you should be eating to maintain your progress, as well as what training you should be doing to maximise it? Included is the following: Identification of your current body state. 4 comprehensive training plans (fat loss, fat loss foundation, body re-sculpture (composition) and muscle mass). Dedicated diet plans for each training plan dependent on the goals you have. Breakdown of macros. Example shopping lists of foods you should be consuming. Diagrams designed to point you in the right direction when it comes to the plan you choose. ---------- Post added 23-02-2015 at 16:29 ---------- Just add if anyone has any questions message me here or on my social media links. Thanks
  2. We went to western park grotto today. The Santa there was the best I've ever seen. Really convincing! Fab day out!
  3. It didn't bother me at all. I'm not squeamish. I even licked the blood from my fingers after each sitting.... Lol
  4. I swallowed it in chunks with a glass of fresh orange, so didn't taste it at all. Just very soggy and a bit bloody. But I'm not a squeamish person, so wasn't any problem for me. Would recommend it!
  5. Bit of a late reply, but almost 4 years since I startedthiss thread, yes, I ate my placenta. RAW! And I've done the same 2 more times since! It's was no trouble. And not a sign of baby blues!
  6. Yes, Christine at The Fitness Club is absolutly superb and will only charge you around £20-25 per session. Tel. 01142753755
  7. No that is not true, because it'll all come down to money. The rich can afford the best and the poor will not have any choice. Typical Tories! http://www.ukuncut.org.uk/blog/press-release-nhs-direct-action-and-uk-uncut-target-think-tank-lobbying-for-nhs-privatisation
  8. I'm in the Penistone area can anyone recommend someone to (annual) service my boiler/central heating...and how much should it cost? Thanks in advance. Jen.
  9. this was a lorry carrying large rolls of paper. unfortunately due to where it was situated there were no water supplies and it was a big problem for the recovery vehicles to move the lorry shell as there were no tyres left on the vehicle. it also melted the road and that is why it is still shut tonight as they are re surfacing the road plus the large paper rolls are re-ignighting.
  10. Stupid bloody woman. I can't believe I've just wasted 7 minutes of my life reading that!
  11. "selfish, self centered attitude" godness me, you're rather sensitive!!!!! I pay tax and nat INS, plus I pay a HUGE percentage of my monthly income into a private fund so that when I do retire I have no need to rely in the state. To be perfectly honest, I could do with the money now. A mortgage, plus rising living costs and s reduced income and two kids plus another on the way is not usually a great situation to choose to save into a pension. It means I go without a lot of things which many people see as necessities!! But it's because I understand the importance of supporting myself and not thinking that it is the states job to provide disposable income when I retire. I've never been rude in my replies on here, I would appreciate the same respect in return!
  12. I have to agree that children should be the priority. Yes I agree that people shouldn't have kids if they cannot support them, but things can happen. Redundancy, illness even death of a parent, which even the best parents in the world can be in a situation where they cannot financially provide for their kids. Pensioners have had a lifetime to save and plan for retirement. I'm not even 30 and ialready pay huge amounts into a pension to prepare. It means I have a significant amount less income each month and means I sacrifice doing and having many things. Why should the ones who don't plan and spend their money now without saving be provided for later?!
  13. Also depends what your credit rating is, what other commitments you have, the number of years you want to take it out over and if you have any dependants ie kids or non working spouse. Best thing to do is simply call a mortgage lender and ask them to do an agreement in principle based on your circumstances. Usually takes 15 mins on phone. Halifax are pretty good try calling 08457 27 37 47
  14. Some women struggle to do it discreetly tho. Myself included. Just due to the way mine fed and positioning. I wish I could have been more discreet tho.
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