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  1. We are seeking members of the public to advise on our study who have been diagnosed with COVID-19 and recovered, preferably those people who have attended A&E with their symptoms, or interacted with the ambulance service, and were admitted to hospital. You will be asked to provide feedback and provide your personal view of your COVID-19 experience. You will join meetings (likely online) every few months with other members of the study team and public members, to discuss the progress and implications of the study. There is financial reimbursement for your time attending meetings and reading/commenting on documents. For more information, please follow the below links: Study website https://bit.ly/353rBaQ Study press release http://bit.ly/3cEJgrP Please send an email including a few sentences on why you are interested and, if applicable, previous experience to priest-study@sheffield.ac.uk and mark in the subject line of the email "Expression of interest".
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