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  1. Downstairs rads full of brown sludge. Worcester Bosch Combi boiler, 17ish radiators in total. Roughly how much would it be to flush the system clean and install some sort of inhibitor to stop it happening again? + I need a bit of burst pipe to an outside tap replacing.
  2. Yes I did say it. But that wasn't necessarily the implication. How long its price can go on rising is indeed the question. One that should be answered in terms of events rather than time.
  3. No. As in much else, you are wrong. The thread is called 'Dangerous cyclists'; it is about ignorant drivers.
  4. Quick question... What route did the race take once in Sheffield and where on Pinstone St was the finish line? Many thanks.
  5. Cycle to work scheme is great. JE James less so. There are better bike shops that spend the time to make sure that the bike is set up for you. Virtually all of them are now part of the cycle to work scheme.
  6. For those that follow cycling, or sport generally, or ever watch the Tour De France, this long interview, very long in fact, will leave you sadder but much, much wiser.
  7. Problems of fly tipping just getting worse and worse. Sofas and stuff getting dumped in restaurants. I mean, what's that about?
  8. Fixed it for you. The Guardian Media Group set up in the deal in the Caymans in order to deprive the exchequer of tax revenue.
  9. Guardian Media Group Pays virtually no tax due to Cayman Island tax status and then employs buffoons like Polly Toynbee to rant about everybody else's tax avoidance. I can't think of anything quite as outrageously hypocritical.
  10. I have no idea what you are trying to say. Bailing out banks by other people is the same as bailing out banks ourselves? Tell you what, I owe my bank a tidy sum; pay them for me would you, if it's all the same to you. Ta.
  11. No, I meant you're right, it is interesting. Why did they not publish and then do so? Maybe because the article touches on themselves in a business sense, it needed to get referred to a higher authority. But it's only a guess.
  12. Yes it is. http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/newstopics/politics/liberaldemocrats/8217253/Vince-Cable-I-have-declared-war-on-Rupert-Murdoch.html
  13. Mervyn King makes a number of points. Here are 3... 1. The Banks are INSOLVENT. The Brown bailout was justified on the basis that it was a liquidity problem. The only way to justify a bailout by Keynsians or anyone else is if the problem is strictly one of liquidity. So the bailout was contrary to King's advice. 2. He did talk about a bailout though. He talked about cash rich Middle Eastern Countries bailing us out; not bankrupt western countries throwing their own money down the swanny. 3. He says that banks must mark their impaired assets to market, i.e. stop the 'extend and pretend' games of the Brown bailout. Essentially, banks' accounts look healthy enough because they value their assets using Mark to Mark, they are claiming something's worth what they paid for it not what somebody else would buy it for; or as it's sometimes known, accounting fraud. Banks can't sell these assets because they'd only receive a small fraction of the amount they're valued at, and be instantly recognised as insolvent. Only an utter simpleton or a totally corrupt individual would take Mervyn King's advice and promptly use tax payers' money to buy a major shareholding in two of these banks and then allow these banks to continue their fraudulent accounting practices.
  14. Link "The Defence, Press and Broadcasting Advisory Committee (DPBAC) which consists of top MOD civil servants and representatives from the media have according to Wikileaks [and now confirmed] issued a “D-Notice” – an attempt at a news black-out, on the imminent release by Wikileaks of two million diplomatic wire conversations between US Embassies and the White House/CIA. Rumours have been swirling around all day of US envoys meeting counterparts in Israel, London and Australia etc preparing them for extremely embarrassing news." News that won't be reported through the mainstream media.
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