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  1. Hi Pat, are you on face book? during this lock down I've started to use it, if you are do you remember Wigfalls on Bridgefield Road I have a photo of me and Terry Burgess sat on the running board of a car, we must be about 5 years old, if I can I will let you have the photo. Also do you remember Stuart Kyte and Ann Bullivant, Susan Crofts, they lived near you on Clarence street?
  2. Hi Pat, he probably thought he was going up market Kathleen Fowler was a good friend of mine, she lived on Bishop street, probably as naughty as me and for tea we only had cold water haha. Can you remember Atkinsons dam if you can't you were posh?
  3. Hi Pat, every where I played I was moved on, think I was a bad influence on everybody but did love rounders, kick can, 123 done yer but you are right a lot of my friends lived Bishop street, Hodgson street, Milton street, we always thought you were posher living where you lived, haha, and do you remember Atkinsons dam, bottom of the Moor? spent hours playing there and football on a surface that I can only describe as bits of blown up buildings, we were well hard! cricket matches took place at the bottom of Bishop street and kick can always took place at the side of uncle Eric's garage, I'll try and come up with a few more names from your area but the only lad I can think of at the moment is Paul Mangle. stay safe
  4. Hi Pat, our house fire was February 1955, the old memory playing tricks again, people commented afterwards the house looked better after the fire hahahaha. I'm sorry I can't remember Fay, take care.
  5. Hi Pat, a lovely part of the world and yes February 1957 we escaped through the front bedroom window, the house was completely gutted we had a very lucky escape that night, we spent the next couple of days at Mr and Mrs Pierce the chip shop owners, then lived at my grandmas house for a few weeks, there you are a little bit more history for you, and sorry I don't know Fay. cheers Martin
  6. Hi Pat, if you catch the bus to South Street at the bottom of the Moor, walk to the left approx 20yards there's a new hotel and the inland revenue both built on the young street court yards, go to the top of the street, Pickerings old building, look across the road on the left and that's where I think court 34 was, opposite the school, hope that helps you. cheers Martin
  7. Hi Roger, both Linda Dungworth and Jean bloomer would be interested.
  8. Hi Pat, I did get Terrys name wrong it's Terrence Burgess and do you remember Mrs Timbo? and yes always lived in Sheffield. Martin
  9. Hi Granny Pat, Mr Hobsons' garage was directly opposite our yard and I knew him very well, such a gentleman. Bob I became friends during the sixties and seventies, bought my first Ford Escort of him and he serviced a few of my cars in that time, I also followed them to their new garage and petrol station on Norfolk Road. If you stood at the bottom of the Moor looking up Young street all the court yards are on the left including the ones after Moore street, ours being the first, then Barnes electrical, then the Bosworths and Jubbs, after that I only knew the Vickers but there was another courtyard after that but couldn't tell you who lived there. Looking at the 34 court that could have been opposite the school. Your great grand parents and parents would certainly have know the Birds and Windles they had lived from the twenties up to the sixties at 26 court 3. Do you remember Terry Marshall he was a good friend of mine, his dad managed Halfords at the bottom of Ecclesall road, they left to go and live in Norwich we would have been about 8 or 9 going on 60 haha and Paul Mangle he was a friend but I don't think his mum liked me very much, I wonder why? speak to you again soon, Martin
  10. Hi Hetty, my name is Martin Windle and I left Greystones in 1961 but you brought back lots of memories when going down the list of names in my class, such a long time ago and a few names not mentioned, Mary Bullas, Stewart Kyte, Peter Jubb, Pauline Thorpe, Sandra Bingham, happy days if you can forget about the cane and slipper, hahaha.
  11. Hi Granny Pat, I went to St Silas from 51 until 57 then on to Greystones secondary, my best friend was John Wood then he passed his 11 plus after that we hardly saw much of each other, Mary Bullas was another good friend of mine going to Denby Street nursery, St Silas then finishing up at Greystones. I lived at 26 court 3 Young Street and my name Martin Windle.
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