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  1. Did any of you go in late 70's early 80's and remember , John Cryer and maybe Helen and Sarah Speddings ? If so feel free to give them this link. Thanks A.
  2. Any idea who owns the car/ number plate and if so were they the driver of said golf mk1 in late 70's ; the latter criteria being the most important. Thanks.
  3. Thanks everyone for comments. Was looking ,in particular, for driver of silver VW Golf MK 1 around the late 70's , say 1978 to 1980 with private reg HS 5040 ; as I have an old photograph showing the car behind me with twin headlights and sunroof open, similar to MK 1 GTI setup.
  4. Anyone out there who had , around the late 70's , the number plate HS 5040 on a silver VW golf ?
  5. Does anyone remember " The Limit " ? , the one on west street I'm talking about. The bands that appeared there,the DJ who was in 'orange juice' and the cool (crazy) glass collector/barman ? Being new to this tech and forum I just read a post from , before I looked at the date , 2003 where it mentions sass the man, from classic rock bar ,for which i was the licencee, selling " limit" t shirts as well as " classic rock bar " t shirts. RIP Sass,one of the boys. You know who you are. A. Love to you all.
  6. Thanks for reply. I'm still learning this, to me , new technology and the new and extensive vocabulary. Keep up the good work. A
  7. Hi peeps, I know anyone within the vicinity of anns road,well rd,Tiletson road, boyton st,etc will remember taggy's ice cream; I live in Portugal at the moment which,if your not aware can be fairly warm,even in winter and to be perfectly honest their interpretation of ice cream is crap. So my request is ; does anyone have any idea how he made it ; or if mr taggy or family could give me any helpful clues. I do remember my father and myself discussing the very subject with him and at times peeking into his yard full of magic machinery as I snook by on my way home from school. I know he used proper milk/ cream etc and real vanilla but the rest was just magic , in my opinion ; has similarities with Willy Wonka .
  8. Yeh VW beetle 6v oval window. It was like driving with candles in the headlights and no main beam ha! Good times eh ?
  9. I think ? I'm getting the hang of this new tech. I seem to have had a few people read my post but had no replies yet, if anyone of these persons is you or you know of them your reply would be much appreciated. Chris Carter, Lee bentley, aguy who joined our class from Cyprus called Oliver something, Martin bird, Victoria Hewitt, I think her name was Julia Bradbury, Lynn senior and Michelle with long hair who lived on richards road and a guy who I had a few run ins with called Carlos Gomez. Much appreciation Alex. aka Keith Hewitt.
  10. What am I not doing. I've now written and apparently submitted several posts. I've had no replies, as far as I know or can deduce from this website ? Forum or whatever you call this form of communication. I'm still writing on paper and sending letters by snailmail; hardcore eh ? If anyone reads this post and has anything to do with the content or not at least tell me I've got it right or correctly advise me. Thanks in advance,bubosurfbum. aka skimking.
  11. Hi anybody,I have no idea how to use this tech or if anyone receives this message and replies to it. Looking for old school friends from anns road from 63/64 to 69/70. Little stevie green,Victoria hewitt,Chris Carter,Lee Bentley. If you are they or know them or have advice as to what all these buttons do and how to receive and reply. Thanks. A
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