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  1. Broughton House is partly on the site of what was the Wharncliffe Arms, at least the corner it's on used to be that pub. Not sure what was next to it on West Street, then after that was the pub that was last West Street Ale House, which was knocked down a couple of years ago and is now also flats (student accommodation).
  2. All of the good staff have slowly left, it's the same at all Johnston Press papers. The papers have become thinner with less content just to budget constraints, with more ads to make up the shortfall. They're essentially milking what they can out of their properties as they head toward extinction. Cities lucky enough to have a Reach (formerly Trinity Mirror) owned newspaper are faring slightly better, they still do a lot of nonsense viral content, but they seem to be keeping up standards a bit more - for now. Unfortunately, Yorkshire is very Johnston Press dominated. I'm not sure what the future of local news is, whether it's Facebook pages which report dubious stuff or independent sites, or if the BBC will have to take up more of it in the long-term, but certainly the lost of journalistic standards will be the big problem. Journalists, for all of their faults, do usually adhere to a code of ethics and check that information is reliable, which Facebook pages simply don't.
  3. I did a little more research, for those interested, and it seems the Old Red Lion space did indeed become Tropicana, then Boom, based on a post by a manager on this forum in 2005. If everyone else is right it then became Flares. Once it's open again I might just go and nosey in The Slug and Lettuce and see if there's any indication they turned it into a kitchen or something.
  4. Oh actually, you're right! I didn't think it was possible to run those sorts of businesses in a super tiny space but the tattoo parlour has a Facebook page and clearly this photo shows they did: So after all of this, perhaps the sale was just the shops and maybe the Old Red Lion does still belong to Stonegate Pub Company? Still a mystery...
  5. Are the panini shop and tattoo parlour here not using the same space?
  6. There are some occasional queer nights too, usually smaller and BYOB but you'd probably have luck there, although the attendance is usually on the young side so depends if that's an issue. I went to a queer/LGBT event late last year and there was one older crossdresser there though and they looked like they had a good time. Manchester does have a much better LGBT scene than here.
  7. The Rocking Chair, purely based on the gigs they put on, catered for an indie/alternative crowd (like Leadmill, for example) than a rock crowd so it definitely changed direction. Cafe Totem was the same, as well as hosting some other bits, like post-punk nights (although those suffered when the original organisers left to do one at the Washington, a big messy). I meant that Cafe Totem might spring up again in a different place as a permanent bar if their basement events continue to do well.
  8. Was also called The Rocking Chair before it became Cafe Totem. It seemed popular enough that the people running it might be able to start things up again elsewhere as a full bar once things are back to normal.
  9. Ah, I thought it was a general kink/fetish place, didn't realise it was a sex club. Not really my expertise 😁
  10. It must have been a while back, the building directly next door to Slug and Lettuce (when it was Reflex) was Dapper Chaps last, which moved to Division Street. As I understand it from the estate agent listing I found, it was last separated into four sections, with the middle door (boarded up above) being a central staircase with access to the upstairs businesses on both sides, and the downstairs businesses having their own doors (the glass-panelled doors). I might be wrong!
  11. I'm worried that, after surviving last year, the Dove might succumb to coronavirus. A bar that was having issues during normal times can't be being helped by this period. Hopefully not as there's hardly any alternative venues left in town now.
  12. Not an expert on trans stuff but Sheffield only has two LGBT venues, Dempsey's and Queer Junction. Your mileage may vary on whether Dempsey's is a safe space although I've seen crossdressers there before. I'd avoid Queer Junction. OMG would have been much better for it but that's not around now. Not sure if La Chambre (not sure if that's the right name) is still around but it might be worth looking into that.
  13. Edit: After another poster pointed out something and I did a little more looking, I think the sale was just the shops, the pub may still be abandoned. ----- I was doing some research last night and found that the abandoned shops at the bottom of West Street, on the corner of Holly Street, were sold in November. Some people here might be interested, as this is the building the Old Red Lion pub used to be in. Over the past decade the building has housed a panini shop, a tattoo parlour, sunbeds, a beauty parlour and a couple of hairdressers, but now it's entirely vacated I'm wondering if it might be knocked down, or if it'll be brought back into use in some way? Looking in the upstairs windows, on one side at least it's been cleared out (although one of the top windows looks broken). I know a lot of people thought the Old Red Lion was in a prime location, it's on a corner, and fortunately I think the lot is too small to become flats, so might it become a bar again to compliment the Slug and Lettuce and Broncos next door? This is what I'm talking about, everything from the corner right along to and including the "gents salon".
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