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  1. Thank you for responding, I did use such a service some years ago but don’t remember their name. I could give a pretty accurate description of the problem so they wouldn’t be coming blind.
  2. Anybody know of an iPhone repair company who will come to the customer to diagnose and repair?
  3. Phoned yesterday to check progress and was told it was approved on good Friday and should be in our account by end of week. Just checked today, Thursday 16th and it’s in. Thanks SCC. So from getting email approval of receipt of application 31st March to grant receipt was 10 working days. First working day 1st April.
  4. As a small business with premises receiving SBRR I submitted my application my Covid 19 Grant application and received email acknowledgment of receipt on 31/03/20 with a reference number to refer to when ringing to enquire. I have not received anything to date, no grant, no explanation as to why this has not been processed and the number given just cuts you off! What is going on, I have suppliers and relatives in a similar situation, one In Barnsley, one in Cambridge and their applications were dealt with within days. Why the delay SCC?
  5. I remember The Mexicans playing in Dronfield Woodhouse at Gosforth School and at the Miners Welfare Club. Lead singer was pretty good at Hollie’s numbers and I remember them singing Poison Ivy which most bands sang around that time. They seemed pretty good to me, at that time (maybe 1963-5) we regularly saw Vance Arnold and the Avengers (Joe Cocker) and Dave Berry and the Cruisers.
  6. Does anybody know how long it takes for the 10k grant to be processed? Barnsley is about a week, mine was sent to SCC over a week ago, I have a ref no. But no phones are being answered by SCC including the 0114 224 5000 one .
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