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  1. Hello, We moved to Walkley 7 months ago from a nice house in a nice part of Nether Edge & I'm SO pleased to be here on the hill! We chose this area because we wanted a good garden. We're on the Rivelin side of Walkley & it feels like really villagey - in a nice way, also we can walk to Rivelin valley in 5mins & walk to the city centre in less than half an hour. I consider myself middle class but I love that Walkley doesn't have the snotty middle class pretentiousness as Nether Edge. There's a nice mix of people here & the sky & the views are amazing. We live near Walkley Crescent Rd, it's very quiet & there are lots of lovely stone terraces, some with gardens, some with views. The local school for this end of Walkley is Rivelin Primary which I have heard good things about from friends with children in Infants. No idea about the juniors though. Kids seem happy when I go past. I've not heard such nice things about Walkley Primary but it's probably fine. Move here! ---------- Post added 02-03-2013 at 20:47 ---------- BTW I walk up Parsonage Crescent all the time. I think it's a nice street & the house for sale on it at the mo looks lovely! It is an access route into this bit of Walkley but it's not exactly a main road.
  2. That's a relief! I have been to the website now & they sound like fab people.
  3. Or could be a clever way of making them seem sound.
  4. What was the outcome? Are you rehoming them or have you managed to keep the doggies?
  5. Hello, I was trawling dogs on preloved asking people offering their pets to be rehomed for free to remove them from Preloved & I came across a dogs wanted advert from something called Dogthing. They claim to be a Sheffield based rescue specialising in old & sick dogs that no other rescue centres will take on. The contact number is 07850837455. I tried calling but got no answer. Has anyone ever heard of them? Are they genuine? Just seems a bit dodgy to me. This is the ad: http://www.preloved.co.uk/adverts/show/106539431/unwanted-dogs.html
  6. This works on mac and it's free: http://www.sofortbildapp.com/
  7. Any news on when this pub is opening? I'm very curious! We wlways have to traipse over to the Sheaf if we want a decent pub.
  8. Offer them to a local school or charity or put them in the freebies bit of the classified section, someone will come & take them away! Would def be of use to someone with a DVD projector.
  9. Come up to the Gallery at Ecclesall Woods Sawmill, Abbey Lane this Friday evening between 6 & 8 pm for the opening of Simon Kent's 'Playground of Life' sculpture exhibition. If you can't make it on Friday don't worry it's on for the next few weeks. Well worth a look, it's free! http://www.woodlandgallery.co.uk http://www.simon-kent.co.uk
  10. Hello, has anyone got one of these for sale? If so please get in touch (email option preferred) & let me know what sort of price you're after. cheers, Kerry
  11. hello, can anyone recommend a place to get my sensor cleaned? (nikon d200) thanks
  12. I don't think it will be compatible...
  13. Hello, I found a second hand one in Harrisons in the end. thanks for the advice. Lovin it :-)
  14. Debs can you post a phone number? My father in law has expressed tentative interest but it would be much easier to get info & possibly arrange for him to meet her if I (and others who might be able to offer home) could speak to you directly. Or call me on 07738392005 asap.
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