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  1. Was it a police surveillance aeroplane that was circling around at a low altitude in Sheffield just earlier?
  2. Its been hell on earth for shelf filling and till staff; not in the same league as NHS staff but its been extremely draining and when this is all over it will all quickly be forgotten.
  3. The trouble is many shops sell both food, furniture and electricals etc, such as B&M, Costco and the supermarkets; this is enabling people to still go out and buy those non essentials. I'd be a bit miffed if I was the CEO of Argos or Primark being forced to shut down and watch people buy clothing and computer games from elsewhere.
  4. I work in a shop that sells food and I can tell you that a bit of disquiet is brewing amongst staff, not only where I work but in other shops too. Being a shelf stacker has always been a job that has rubbish working conditions, strict supervision, and pays peanuts, but now suddenly we are important "key workers". What makes it worse is that other people who work in shops that have been forced to shut, like Primark and Argos etc, are sat at home with their feet up, not being exposed to corona virus, and on 80% pay if you please!
  5. Just recently I have been gradually re-buying CD's that I used to own that I either mislaid or even threw away years ago...mainly 1990's stuff. I know that vinyl is the trendy music collecting hobby but for me there is nothing wrong with CD's. Its good to own the CD single of Some Might Say by Oasis, which I recently purchased, than a digital download.
  6. I don't watch a lot of tv these days but I do enjoy the gameshow House Of Games with Richard Osmond.
  7. Indeed, but there was bound to be a natural easing off at some point anyway, surely many people will have noticed that they have full cupboards/pantry,s and emptier bank balances.
  8. Masks are not easy to get and there isn't enough of them for everyone, and there definitely won't be enough for everyone to have multiple masks, because I think I'm right in saying that you can't wear the same one day after day. Despite this Its only a matter of time before the wearing of a mask becomes an excuse for those amongst us with bullying and busy body instincts to start mouthing off, a bit with poppy wearing around rememberence sunday.
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