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  1. The Hollywood and Washington occult elites are in panic mode.
  2. I'm still waiting for a book to arrive that I bought from ebay that apparently entered the Hermes system on the 9th April.
  3. This morning, 11:30 ish, I was driving down the Parkway, towards town. As I stopped at the junction at the top of Derek Dooley Way, on the road like a car would, a jogger came from my right to left through the junction and headed down towards Park Square roundabout. There are pedestrian paths and crossings that those who work at the Capita building use to walk into town, so I don't know what this moron was playing at.
  4. My advice regarding the lottery is don't go on it. Total rip off, odds of winning a significant amount are crap and the thought that you're subsidising silly athletes makes it even worse. Including the odd scratchcard, I was spending around £15 a week on the Lottery, so that's £60 a month saved since I stopped going on it.
  5. That's a long winded way of saying the fake news is at it again.
  6. Same here, but I don't have a back up set of clippers if the ones I have pack up, and heard they're sold out pretty much everywhere.
  7. Yeah yeah yeah, whatever. Trump ain't no adrenochrome drinking child abusing freak. In the fullness if time you'll see. You're in for a shock.
  8. The blame for this lays with the fake news twisting his words.
  9. Those types of household cleaning products have been flying off the shelves for weeks now. Trump has not seriously/literally suggested putting this stuff into your body. Talk about fake news! 🙄
  10. If its a nice hot summer the urge to visit Rivelin and Forge Dam etc, will be irresistible.
  11. I don't know for sure but I expect stuff like this is on hold for the foreseable future.
  12. Exactly. People think to themselves "ooo, how novel would it be to walk around a deserted Dam Flask, or Rivelin or Graves Park, to have it all to ourselves on a nice day, it will be really surreal that woudn't it? Yeah, lets go there..." And then they get there and find loads and loads of of other people have the same idea! 🙄
  13. I don't know about you but I'm a little concerned that someone who is on public record saying the planet is overpopulated, that the population needs "stabilizing", is getting himself heavily involved in vaccines. The ultimate purpose of vaccines is to improve health and save lives but he thinks theres too many of us. Thousands of people could live on the land and property he owns so its a bit rich of him to preach about population and sustainability of the planet.
  14. About 10 years ago I put some James Dean books for sale on ebay and to my surprise they were snapped up straight away...I then of course had to package and send them, which was a bit of an education. More recently I've been a buyer of many books and dvd's.
  15. He could redeem himself by donating 90% of it.
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