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  1. I also went to Western Road. I started in the infants in September 1956.
  2. Yerman I know the feeling. I too am a Green's member and am frustrated by the all pervasive, intrusive music. It ruins any enjoyment. Do other Greens members on ths forum feel the same?
  3. Nigel Many thanks for your input. I have every reason to believe there may be someone with the original Hildebert de Lacy Pigott name still living in Sheffield. The pronounciation of the surname is interesting. I had never heard the Pygott variant until very recently. I am now told it is not uncommon in Sheffield.
  4. And my father, Bob Gill, who spent 20 years working with the Bandsaw Department, is still alive and kicking in his mid-80's. He has finally given up his daily inhalation of Senior Service.
  5. Many thanks for re-kindling many memories. I cannot recall any of the teachers mentioned by Chairboy except Mrs Scott. I left Western Road at the end of the second year of junior school. Mrs Scott would have been my teacher if I entered the third year. I do remember Mrs Seedhouse and the iodine - which of us doesn't? Amongst my collection I have a 1959 photo of class J1A - very similar to a number of class photos taken at the same time and posted on Friends Reunited. I have the names of all my classmates but cannot put the names to all the faces. By the way, Mr Bellamy's class-room was the second on the right when entering from the boys' playground - in other words it overlooked the playground rather than Mona Avenue. My grandmother who lived at the junction of Springvale and Brighton Terrace was for a time one of the dinner ladies in the senior school.
  6. I was at Western Road school in the late 50' / early 60's. The formidable Miss Green - at least she looked formidable to five- and six-year olds - was headmistress of the infants school and the less formidable Miss Ellis was headmistress of the juniors. I was taught in the juniors by Miss Ambler and Mr Bellamy. But I don't recall the names of any of the infant class teachers of the time. Can anyone help? Thanks
  7. Does anyone recall the blind man who used to stand outside the Arcade on the Moor selling matches from a tray? He seemed to be there is all weathers in a rain-coat and flat cap!
  8. Yes - Ray retired years ago, Wayne is still there. Spoke to him just a couple of days ago.
  9. I worked 'in the offices' from 1973 to 1984. And for the last 15 years have run one of the Neill companies based in Woodseats. It is certainly a very different company today from when I started and changed radically after the acquisition of Spear and Jackson in the mid-80's. There were ceratinly many family dynasties in my early days - I recall the Greatorexes, Wainwrights, Jessops. I was always told that this was encouraged by the owners. The other aspect was the long service put in by many employees. There were plenty who only ever worked there. I recall two employees receiving 50-year service badges. Even today there are many who have put in 35+ years. There was a history of the company published in 1989 to celebrate 100 years with anecdotes from long serving employees like Tommy Watkinson (toolroom), Edna Hatch (ETD), Ruth Jarman ('offices'), George Palfreyman (shipping), Joan Cross (warehouse).
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