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  1. This is not a complaint or a request its a THANKYOU. Yesterday morning 5th March I was travelling down the Mosborough Bypass, when noticed lots of bin bags down each side of the road, a bit further down was a refuse collector, early morning collecting all the rubbish that either gets dumped out of vehicles or blown around the city. On my way home the opposite direction later in the day, it looked so much nicer and cleaner. I would like to say Thank you to that person. Unfortunately as we are quite a dirty city, through some peoples lack of respect the road sides have this morning, just one day later got litter on them, which is such a shame. Yes its this persons job, however wouldn't you feel let down/saddened to see your days work been trashed (pardon the pun). Help our city look & feel great, and be proud to be cleaner. Take your litter home & recycle it!
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