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  1. No worries Charlie. Rogets knows I'm only engaging in light-hearted banter. Anything to relieve the boredom.....
  2. The level of goading has increased over the last couple of seasons primarily because United have succeeded and Wednesday have failed. Too many blue posters are living in the past and are in denial because United are doing so well. When it comes to working out who the better team is, look at the league tables for the last 2 seasons and you will see a pretty conclusive story. Dig away - it's all you have to offer, and we'll keep laughing as we look DOWN on you as the lesser team whilst we stash the cash. Grow up and man up as you're looking pretty pathetic at the moment......
  3. You can nearly feel their pain, can't you ...... and then there will be all that lovely lolly flooding in next year. Never mind, the Owls will be playing Leeds next season in the CHAMPIONSHIP, whilst the senior Yorkshire club will be entertaining the rest of the cream from the PL. True, we might take a few beatings, but I'm sure we'll take that in our stride .... but we will be looking down and laughing at you lot. Happy daze.
  4. Funny you should mention Brian Deane, Hottie. He scored the first goal in the Premier League I believe. You're right - it was 1992-1993 season against Man Utd.. Don't get down-hearted pal - you're one of the more sensible posters on here.
  5. When will you guys learn? These pathetic miscreants push your buttons and you keep on responding. Its like a flame - starve it of oxygen and it will die. Just ignore them and they will go away. Try it for a week or so.
  6. I worked for G&J Hall when they were situated in Hereford Street and left just before they moved to Attercliffe. I remember June on reception - she married Alan Dewey from the Accounts Department I believe.
  7. Well Charlie, why not give them the chance they worked so hard for last season? If it doesn't work out then fair enough but in my opinion, they deserve the opportunity to have a shot at the big boys. If it's just a money machine then why can't we have a share of it?
  8. Are there only 6 teams in the Premier League? It's widely accepted that the top 6 teams can be fairly accurately predicted before the start of the season - it's just the order that is a little more difficult to predict. If your team happens to be one of the remaining 14 then most fans would be content with that, after all, the financial rewards are much better than in the Championship. Those who post drivel about not wanting to be in the PL are creating excuses for the lack of success for their team. Their arguments are like the club they support - going nowhere.
  9. He’s just tossed a pebble into the pool to see how far the ripples go. You’re right with WBA - why would he step backwards for them or any other Championship club.....unless he lives and breathes for only promotion and the accolades that go with it.
  10. It’s splattered all over Sky Nervy so unfortunately it carries a bit more weight than if reported in The Star. Worrying to see it but as stated before it’s probably Wilder making noises to increase his transfer budget.
  11. The penny hasn't dropped yet, has it..... Wilder isn't daft and all this speculation is just his way of prising a few more quid out of the coffers. I'd be surprised (make that gutted) if he left.
  12. Looks like I'll be carrying on next season then............
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