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  1. One key issue with this would be the safeguarding of children and young people. When children and young people who attend school we know that they are safe and well. Currently in lockdown students who have social care, are classed as a child in need or have high intervention from Multi Agency Support are classed as vulnerable and are included in the students who need to attend school. Many circumstances in which a young person becomes known to safeguarding agencies is due to issues that become apparent are disclosed in schools.
  2. It appears that the council have created a vicious circle. Older council house or maisonette residents would ideally be housed in these one bed flats when like my MIL the children leave home freeing up a two or three bedroom house for a young family to move into however because the council have put younger people some with and without addiction or single parents (who shouldn't be house in a one bedroom flat) older people don't want to move into areas which have become sink estates or areas where drug use and crime is common place.
  3. My mother in law lives in a one bed flat, it's a block of 6 and when she moved in all the flats were occupied by people 60 or over. My mother in law gave up her 3 bed council house once all the children had left home so that another family could live there. Now she's the only over 60 who lives in the flats, she's nearly 80. The flats are all occupied by youngsters. Over the years she's a wide range of neighbours, most despite being druggies or alcoholics have never bothered her apart from one couple who used to keep her up half the night with noise. I do worry about her living there because you never know who is going to be moved in next and she is getting more vulnerable with every year that passes.
  4. Both myself and my partner work in a school. We are having a quiet Christmas at home with our children this year. We can't risk putting the elderly members of our family at risk. Between us we come into contact with hundreds of children each day. Many our colleagues are doing the same.
  5. It's easy to forget that there are some really decent people around who will do anything to help strangers when they really need it. What a very stressful day for you and your Mum and Dad but a happy ending. I hope you're Mum is feeling better soon.
  6. My Grandad used to say your belly button's for putting salt in when you're eating crisps in bed.
  7. Our neighbours feed the birds, she throws nuts freely around their garden they also put water out for the birds all this = rats in their garden. We saw them through the fence. We don't think that they come in our garden as we have two terriers and we put traps down and they were clear. The neighbours put traps down and she said they caught a lot. I think the only solution for now is for you to stop feeding the birds and remove any source of water. I still think they've got them in their garden as our dogs are obsessive about a corner of the garden near the boundary fence. Neighbours are still putting nuts down!
  8. I work in a school and I've been waiting for someone to ring me back from The Children Missing from Education team for two weeks.
  9. We bought a settee from there it was immaculate and it's like something you would see in John Lewis. I had kept looking in the shop for weeks when I saw it. I snapped it up as it was just what I wanted. Cost £150 but it was worth it. Staff were great and delivery was quick.
  10. There has been much talk this week about working from home. Just wondering how workers in Sheffield are feeling about it. Many of you are working from home, and now after many months how you are finding it and if you want to return to the office? I work in a school and since lockdown in March have been mainly working from home, but I must admit that I am ready to return to work next week so I can get back into a routine and plus i miss the interaction between colleagues and the students. Do you miss your colleagues, the office banter? Do you miss popping out at lunchtime for a walk to buy a sandwich? Are you happy to carry on working from home because you don't miss the commute?
  11. I think it's got a lot of people quite cross about the number of people who were allowed to attend the funeral. My friend passed away at the beginning of June due to the restrictions on numbers I had to watch the service online. One rule for them one rule for the rest of us.
  12. I was told pubs around S12 did close early. Seems strange to me as the funeral was in S5. I'd never heard of him either until recently. I didn't know we had a King of Sheffield and I've lived here all my life!
  13. The Frecheville estate has roads named after Derbyshire villagers, Youlgreave, Thornbridge, Longstone, Alport, Hayfield, Hopedale to name a few.
  14. I've been on there this morning as I had to go to Hillsborough. I can't imagine how bad it is a rush hour. Guess how many cyclists I saw using the cycle lane from Shalesmoor to Penistone Road? None. However there were a lot of cars travelling in both directions.
  15. I've had no problems with the Hermes deliveries I've had over the last few weeks. I get regular updates on the time frame my parcels will be delivered. The delivery guy is a really nice chap.
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