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  1. These people who dose this mess it up for the hard working waste carriers like me who pay for licences now it's getting harder and harder to get people to trust that we are not just going to dump it down some lane some were
  2. Hi it's just the stuff wots all ready in and a new graphics card which I have
  3. I've got my son a light up case but need all the stuff taken in out the old one were is the best place to go Also need new card putting in which I have
  4. Hi am looking for a piece of land to open a recycling centre and maybe some skips to
  5. Looking for some were to go shooting with my son any were good
  6. Hi you would be better off paying the bit extra for a commercial cleaner there's not much difference in the prices I clean carpets and sofas as a part job and the vax units and rug doctor are not very good they are for light cleaning and don't get deep down in to the carpet
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