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  1. Join the real world. They are moody because customers treat them like imbeciles, they're paid minimum wage, can't move for hours on end, can't go to the loo or have a break and are doing that kind of work because they have no choice. I have 2 GNVQs, a City & Guilds certificate, 2 A Levels and a Degree and I work in customer service. Do you think I want to be there? Do you think I enjoy it? I do it as I have no choice but I am nonetheless friendly and polite. People who have never had to do that kind of crap job are too quick to criticise.
  2. Film enables you to do tricks like double negativing and you can use slide film to get strong saturated colours or have it processed as print film.
  3. Has anyone done the CELTA at the University of Sheffield? Any thoughts, positive or negative? Was it worth £1250?
  4. Most postcards of Sheffield come from Hedgerow, you can check out the images on their website.
  5. a relative of mine is in a SIGNED band and they played a gig in Bristol. They got paid £36 between 5 of them.
  6. yeah, they all have proper gangster names.
  7. yeah, Asbourne's pretty handy for central Sheffield!
  8. Yes, well aware. Having studied the period I can recommend Noakes and Pridham's Nazism 1919-1945 Volume 2: State, Economy and Society 1933-1939 for further reading. You neglected to mention that from the Hitlerjugend's formation in 1926 until March 1939 membership was actually optional.
  9. 25 is becoming the standard this month.
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