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  1. You do all realise there's a simple solution to this? Scrap 'change' and 'floats' and get Sheffield, scrap that, Yorkshire to invest in an electronic ticketing system like London's Oyster Card. I came back for a short while from London to Sheffield last month and I forgot how crap (and expensive) our public transport actually is. Also, it took me four minutes (checked the time on my phone) from me being at the back of the queue (the SIXTH person) to actually getting on the bloody thing, and yes it was down to somebody messing around with change!
  2. The rest of the transport system down here is getting bonuses, payments and what-not, so I wholeheartedly support this. Why shouldn't they be compensated for the extra services they're putting on and the restrictions to their employment (as somebody mentioned about the holidays) during the period?
  3. Glad your boyfriend's ok HB2001, I was the driver in the car behind you and when I left he was complaining of chest pains, but I'm glad it's not life threatening, also it seemed like the paramedics had stabilised the other two passengers in the second car which was good. On the accident itself, I didn't see any animals, and as I told the police it seemed like they unfortunately just lost control of the car.
  4. 'The Skin I Live In' - Pedro Almodovar is undoubtedly one of the most successful auteurs of the last few decades, and with ‘The Skin I Live In’ he shows that he can almost touch upon a new genre, in the form of body horror genre-hybrid, whilst also retaining all the previous elements, themes and techniques which have made his films the deep-seated critically successful films that they are. The less you know about the film before you step into the cinema, the better your experience will be.
  5. ‘Senna’ is a brilliant and moving examination of a rising sporting star caught up in the whirlwind of politics, rivalries and stardom, when all he wanted to do was race and win by any means necessary, not for the adulation of millions, but his love for sport so close to his heart. - 8/10
  6. If you replaced 'Blitz' leading protagonist Jason Statham and his poorly crafted one-liners (including one in which he responds to a female police officer's quip in jest that she is surprised he can even navigate his microwave due to his technophobia with "women are there to use the microwave, and do the typing too") and removed the open-ended sub-plot then 'Blitz' would work perfectly as a made for television hour-long crime-drama. However as a theatrical release, this film is nothing more than a Jason Statham action-vehicle which masquerades as an inferior police thriller. - 3/10 'X-Men: First Class,' is not your typical comic-book movie, it may contain certain elements associated with the comic-book genre, but by placing a heavy emphasis upon the strength of the plot and the script at the film's core instead of the action-set-pieces taking place, Vaughn has intended, and succeeded, in transcending the stereotypical conventions of the genre and has created a film which will appeal to a wide range of audience members. - 8/10
  7. ‘The Hangover Part 2’ is the first film, but set in a different city with a couple more extreme characters and sequences thrown in for good measure. The script is heavily set on propelling shock value over verbal humour, but when the script does eventually kick in during the second half of the film, it provides plenty of hilarious moments that seem to arrive just a little too late. - 5/10 'Julia's Eyes' is yet another above-average addition to the Spanish horror/thriller genre, which despite being slightly overlong, contains a solid story with many convoluted and inter-connected twists keeping the third act engrossing until the end credit sequence begins. - 7/10
  8. If you enjoyed 'I Saw The Devil,' I'd also highly recommend two films from South Korean filmmaker Bong Joon-ho; 'Memories of Murder' (2003) and 'Mother' (2009). If you haven't already seen them that is...
  9. If your travelling via First, catch either the 41 or 49 from Sheffield, and they should drop you a short 5 minute walk from Mosborough Hall (just up past the George and Dragon Pub).
  10. The 'Scream' franchise has always been the awkward kid at the back of the class - splitting cinemagoers left, right, and centre. If you understand and enjoy its self-reflexive nature, the fact that Craven is basically picking apart (albeit in a friendly, enjoyable way) the slasher genre and every inconcieveable cliche associated with the said genre and exposing it for all its beautiful glory. You'll probably find some enjoyment in it. However if your not bothered about the slsasher genre in the slightest, or self-reflexive films in general, then you probably won't.
  11. It's not the greatest pub in the world, but the Queen's Head (directly next to the Bus Station - opposite the Train Station) will no doubt be showing the game with it being on ITV and they have a couple of decent ales on draft (though they aren't exactly 'cheap', be prepared to pay £2.60-£3.00 a pint).
  12. It's nothing of the sort, it's a psychological thriller with elements of mystery of drama, that is centred around the basic structure of Tchaikovsky's ballet Swan Lake. Also if your a 'man's man' it contains a well-filmed, intimate lesbian love scene between Mila Kunis and Natalie Portman (my friend came out with the best line when we had left the film, he just said; "it was alright, mind I was only watching for them two to get off"). Chick flick this is not.
  13. Just hang around the Universities as there are plenty of American students doing post-graduate degress (there's four on my postgrad course alone). Also, if you meet one the first thing you must introduce them to is Sunday Roasts!
  14. Last night around the back of Centertainment where the disabled parking bays are situated, a car got a ticket for NOT parking in a disabled bay and refusing to display a valid permit, but for parking horizontally infront (again not in/across the spaces themselves, but at their mouth/entrance) of two disabled spaces and blocking both off. First thought that came to mind? Who issued this person a British Driving License?
  15. It usually is for the majority of Pubs in Mosborough, e.g. The Vine and The Queen are always ticket only on the big nights of the year, but The Royal Oak should be ticket-less this year (like every previous year). I'd recommend checking yourself, as it wouldn't surprise me if the Police requested all the Pubs to go 'ticket-only' as there has been some trouble the last few years all throughout Mosborough (alcohol + seven or eight open Pubs in the space of a mile = explosive bottleneck of trouble just waiting to explode).
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